Thursday, 22 June 2017

Top Tens: The Run Up's Top Ten Punk Rock Influences

Here are The Run Up's Top Ten Punk Rock Influences!

Charlie (Guitar):

Latterman – A perfect combination of great catchy songs with intelligent, relevant messages within the songs. Tackling song topics that weren’t so conventional in punk. Also Phil Douglas is a genius and I love pretty much anything he works on.

The Flatliners – I loved every single piece of music they put out, still to this day one of my favorite bands, Chris Cresswell's vocals are just incredible and he is probably my favorite singer. It's cool to see a band who you think are super talented alter their sound and pull it off super well.

Dan (Bass):

Early Offspring and Green Day – it's what made me want to be in a band!

Rob (Drums):

Alkaline Trio as a main band influence, but I've also been raging on the latest Menzingers record, particularly whilst we've been recording recently.

Larry (Vocals):

Lost pets and lost friends. Also people like Colin that are out there doing what they love and being a great figure in the punk scene!

Nick (Guitar):

Single coil pickups – learning to appreciate them gave me a whole new appreciation of guitar music!

Uberyou, from Switzerland – such a good band and a great bunch of dudes, the amount of passion they put into their live shows is massive influence for me. And we're lucky enough to be touring with them in the summer!

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