Thursday, 15 June 2017

Top Tens: Fastfade's Top Ten Punk Rock Influences

Life In General. Easily the most influential record on our early musical direction. Simple chords and melodies played to rapid drum beats.

Captain Everything
This band from sunny Watford town has had a massive impact on our creative process. These guys showed us that we can still keep our English attitudes in a genre dominated by old Californian dudes.

Eyes Open Wide. This was the first track we ever played together and is still influential to our music writing. We even ripped off the bass riff in our first 'original' song - 'Negative'.

Seeing a Strung Out live show
The huge presence and unreal energy of this band is something we aspire to have at our live shows.

Ryan's Garage
The garage where we write and rehearse all of our music is cramped, cold and has terrible acoustics. Creating music in this kind of environment has inspired us to have a raw sound and energy and not take ourselves too seriously.

This online community has shown us that quite a few people actually still like this terrible music.

Brain Puker - Some Days
This hidden gem of a song is a huge inspiration to our musical direction. The progressive non linear structure and melodic vocals are something we try and incorporate into our style.

Blink 182 - Cheshire Cat
"Dude you guys sound just like blink in the Cheshire Cat era!" is a compliment we hear all too often. But to give credit where it's due, this album definitely changed our musical tastes back when we were 13/14 and is the reason we got into fast punk in the first place.

Rich Alexander from No Insight
This guy has recorded everything we've ever put out, makes all our video promos for us and shows up to 100% of our shows. This dude has inspired us to keep making music.

Umlaut Records
When we stumbled upon Umlaut Records through a great band called 'On a Hiding to Nothing' it made us realise that there's actually a London punk scene for melodic fast punk. After countless gigs playing with indie and metal bands, we found a scene where we actually fit in and inspired us to keep going with our melodic fast punk style.

Umlaut Records are also putting out Fastfade's next EP Side Effect, you can pre-order it here.

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