Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Album Review: Eat Dirt by Eat Dirt

Eat Dirt are a new band from the East of England who play angry hardcore punk rock. This month the band released their debut self titled EP.

Eat Dirt start off the EP named Eat Dirt with a song named Eat Dirt. The song is only thirty two seconds long but really serves as a guide to what you can expect from the band. It's fast, in your face and incredibly angry. This band is seriously pissed off about something. It's also quite a lot of fun and really cathartic to sing along with. The second track, Pigs, is a full minute longer than Eat Dirt (the song). It's not as fast as its predecessor, focussing more on melody rather than creating a whirlwind of chaos. The song is a protest song that encourages the beaten down to "rise up and be heard." I particularly like the dual vocals in the song, combining the harsh shouty vocals with a more melodic style. The fast paced craziness is back on the third track 48. 48 is about struggling to find the inspiration to go and fight for what you believe in. Another song that is less than one minute in length but manages to pack an incredible amount into the track. That's something that has always amazed me with hardcore music, how so much can be squeezed into a short song. The EP is finished with the song Dead. What a superb track this is. The song frequently switches its melody and style around depending on verse or chorus. This makes for an interesting style that makes it hard to predict what will happen next. The combination of a thudding rock 'n' roll sound and hardcore punk works far better than you might expect that it would. The band's guitarist gets to show off his musical chops towards the end of the song. They really wail!

Eat Dirt by Eat Dirt is a short but sweet kick in the face. If you like your punk rock hard, intense and angry but also a lot of fun then you need to be checking out Eat Dirt by Eat Dirt. Eat Dirt.

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This review was written by Colin Clark.