Friday, 10 March 2017

Column: Australian Punk Rock (Part Two)

Here's part two of my look at a small section of the incredible bands coming out of Australia's punk rock scene.


Anchors are a fast paced melodic skate punk from Melbourne. The four piece have been around since 2008 and during that time they have made three releases including a self titled EP that was released only yesterday. Check out Born To Rust from that EP for a heavy, hard hitting, smash mouth punk rock explosion.

At The Space Jam

At The Space Jam are a brilliantly named ska punk band from Perth. The eight piece band formed in high school in 2013 and have since released an EP, The Shore Shark Redemption, which sees the band include elements of ska, reggae and punk together with funk, hip hop, dub and hardcore to create their own sound. Check out Marley and Me from The Shore Shark Redemption.

The Bob Gordons

Australia has a tradition of producing fast, fun and straight forward punk rock. That's a category you can definitely place The Bob Gordons in. Their music is hugely catchy without ever becoming poppy and has a charm about it that will instantly have you smiling like a fool. Check out Average At Best from the album Straight Hedge.

Camp Cope

Camp Cope are a three piece band from the amazing Poison City Records roster. These three Melbourne ladies have been making a name for themselves all over the world. Earlier this year they released a split EP with Philadelphia based three piece Cayetana, showcasing each band to an even bigger audience. Check out Lost (Season One) from Camp Cope's self titled album.


Melbourne's Clowns are playing this year's Manchester Punk Festival and I'm ridiculously excited to see them. Playing super fast hardcore punk rock this five piece have been tearing it up all over Australia and are sure to do the same in the UK this spring. Their previous album Bad Blood is incredible and I'm really looking forward to their next full length, Lucid Again, which will feature the track Dropped My Brain. Check it out.

The Decline

I'm quite convinced that The Decline spend as much time away from Australia as they do at home - these four guys always seem to be on tour. After finally witnessing their live show at The Fest last year they are now a big favourite of mine. Their 90s inspired skate punk always puts a smile on my face and gets my blood pumping. The energy that comes from their music is infectious and they are one of the most fun live bands - and humblest bands - you're ever likely to see. Check out I Don't Believe from Resister.


Foxtrot were one of my big finds of last year with the album Habitats appearing in my top ten of the year. Mixing punk rock with a hint of folk, there is a great uniqueness about the album. There are massive sing-a-long moments along with a great maturity about the sound. Foxtrot should be huge and they should come and do a UK tour! Check out Miner Bird from Habitats.

Horror My Friend

Adelaide three piece Horror My Friend play a nice brand of indie punk rock music that's becoming more and more popular all the time. I really enjoyed their 2014 release A Million Hands, it displayed a nice range of sounds and styles that prevented it becoming a bit samey by the last song. Check out Kaleidoscope from A Million Hands.

Lincoln Le Fevre and the Insiders

Lincoln Le Fevre is a folk punk performer from South Hobart who last year wowed Emma and I at Fest. So much so we ended up seeing him twice. There was a fantastic story telling element to his performances that hooked me and really had me captivated. An incredible songwriter. Check out Get Drunk, See Bands from Resonation.

Luca Brasi

I first heard of Luca Brasi when they released a split EP with London's Apologies I Have None last year. I was impressed with the emotional punk rock that the Tasmanian four piece played. Since then they have released their third full length named If This Is All We're Going To Be which is excellent! Check out Man, This Is Living from the new album.

The Nation Blue

The Nation Blue are a three piece playing a progressive style of gruff punk rock. I'm kind of reminded of Hot Water Music with the vocal style, which is no bad thing. Not many bands have a greater vocal duo than Hot Water Music. There is a harshness to The Nation Blue sound that really pulled me in when I first listened to them. Check out Uprising's Off from Rising Waters.


Nerdlinger are a skate punk band from Sydney and Wollongong that formed in 2012. I was a big fan of their last release, 2015's Trend Setter. It was great pop and skate punk with a dash of ska that was just fantastic. One of those great bands that baffles me by the fact they're not known all over the world. Check out Breaking Murphy's Law from Trend Setter.

Paper Thin

Paper Thin were one of those excellent Bandcamp discoveries last year. Randomly looking through the Discover section and I came across their debut self-titled EP. What I found was a great emo/pop punk band that really reminded me of The Smith Street Band - one of my favourite bands of the past five years. Paper Thin was an excellent EP and the band have since released a new single named Scared Of Flying too. Check out Japan Song from Paper Thin - you'll be singing it for days!

This column was written by Colin Clark.