Monday, 27 February 2017

Album Review: The Tales Of Youth by The Ultraviolet

The Ultraviolet are a four piece band from Boston, Lincolnshire, who play alternative rock music mixed with a smidge of pop punk. On the 23rd of March The Ultraviolet release a new EP titled The Tales Of Youth. I was fortunate enough to get an early listen.

First up is the track You're Better Off On Your Own. Starting out with a soft drum beat and some jangly guitars you immediately get a feel for what The Ultraviolet's sound is. They are excellent musicians who are incredibly tight as a band and lead singer Ben Thorn has a voice that just can't be ignored. Immediately I can hear the crossover appeal of the band - they could easily be at home in a small sweaty basement or on a big stage with thousands of fans screaming at them. The second track, Signal Flare, starts out with a much darker guitar tone. I loved the way the rhythm section of the band kept the song going forward while the guitar did its own thing at the start of the track. Bassist Emilio Parla gets plenty of time to shine on the song with a fantastic, deep bass section in the middle of the song. Signal Flare could become a massive crowd pleaser thanks to its "woooo-oooh" parts littered throughout the choruses. I Wrote You A Letter is the band's big arena anthem. Straight away the sound is massive and you just know the whole song will feel epic. That's what you want in your arena anthem. The opening guitar riffs, then being joined by a huge sounding full band, will allow the crowd to get excited before things get quiet and Ben would lead a crowd in singing the opening verse, then a massive chorus kicks off. To give everyone a bit of a rest, guitarist Sam Beck plays an excellent solo leading into one final flurry. The penultimate track on Tales Of Youth is named Wake Up Dead. I have to admit I had a hard time getting into Wake Up Dead at the beginning, probably due to the sheer epicness of I Wrote You A Letter. It wasn't until the mid part of the track when Sam plays another incredible guitar solo that I really woke up. Ben's vocal range is really tested with a series of different pitches and screams. This dude has a fantastic voice. Wake Up Dead is without any doubt the hardest hitting song on the EP. Finally we come to the song All I Need Is To Be Needed. Of all the tracks on Tales Of Youth this definitely feels the most pop punk like. The band I'm actually reminded of the most by this track is Taking Back Sunday, who do happen to be an influence of The Ultraviolet's. There is a bit more of an up-tempo bounce to the song ensuring that the EP finishes while a whole lot of energy. The song pounds along nicely taking the listener through a series of highs and lows during the songs duration. All I Need Is To Be Needed wraps up Tales Of Youth very nicely.

I can only see big things for The Ultraviolet. Like I said earlier, they have a wonderful crossover appeal and fans of mainstream music will love them just as much as fans from the underground.

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This review was writen by Colin Clark