Thursday, 21 July 2016

Top Tens: Marty from Dragged In's Top Ten Punk Rock Influences

Marty, guitarist from Toronto based hardcore punks Dragged In gives us his top ten punk rock finfluences.

1) Local Toronto DIY venues such as Soybomb, Siesta Nouveau(RIP), SHIBGB's (RIP) ect - A few years back when I first moved to Toronto and getting to go to shows at places like these really blew my mind. Never heard of places where there was no BAR/Bouncers, and you were able to BYOB and do pretty much anything. Anyhow, Totally punk.

2) NOFX - I need to pay tribute where its due. I’ve always and will always have their music somewhere in and round the record player. Band had little to no air play back in the day and still was still able to have their music listened to and loved(and hated) by many.

3) Seplurtura's album Schizophrenia – This album is pretty much early Death metal, but at a young age when I was listening to punk bands like DK and NOFX and shitty black metal bands like Cradle of Filth. This album really made me appreciate “non melodic” music and would later get me into harder, aggressive “hardcore” type of stuff.

4) Alternative Tentacles Records – Found a lot of bands from this label that are huge influences on me. This label set its self apart for me by never really releasing the same type of band, anything from Amebix to Wesley Willis. Total Fringe Punk.

5) Converge – This band has been my number 1 since I first heard their album Jane Doe back in college. The way Kurt (the guitar player) makes his guitar sound. The style of riffs he comes up with, always blows my mind totally untouchable. Not to mention some of my most favorite drumming by their drummer Ben.

6) Punk Vests – I mean c’mon, what better way to be exposed to a bunch of random band names at once, especially before music blogs were a thing. I’m sure I’ve been influenced to go check out many a band that I saw their logo on some shitty punk vest.

7) Self Defence Family – I cant stop talking about this band. This is a relatively new music influence on me. The band used to be called End of A Year. Together they have a bazillion releases. Even though I don’t get off on all of their huge catalogue, currently they’re making music that really gets at me. Do yourself a solid and to get their album “Heaven Is Earth”....and also the album “Superior”

8) Coalition (local Toronto music bar) – Its kind of like a punk rock Cheers here in the city. Everyone knows your name, punk name and where your drunk ass left your cell phone the night before. Anyhow, Rad place run by rad ass people. Go party there.

9) Dead and Gone – this band was on alterative records that I mentioned earlier. Never heard of a darker more negative sounding punk band ever. Loved their East bay ray type of screeching guitar riffs by Rocky Crane. Also crazy weird time signatures. Awesome stuff.

10) Dave Fenton – and last but not quite least, my buddy Dave. He plays bass in our current band Dragged in. Anyhow, if he likes to admit it or not he has greatly influence the way I play and write music in any project I am in. Im always pushing myself to keep up with his level of playing and writing. Anyhow, shits been great, man. Thanks Dave.

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