Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Album Review: Apologies, I Have None and Luca Brasi - Split

Whenever my favourite UK band Apologies, I Have None releases new music it's a bit of a big deal for me. When they announced the release of a new split EP with Australian band Luca Brasi I was excited. This was the band's first new material since 2014's Black Everything EP and first with the current line up. It features one new song from each band and one rarity and was one of my most anticipated releases of the year.

The first song on the split comes from AIHN in the form of the song Wraith. I've been lucky enough to hear this song played live a few times over the past year and have fallen in love with it before ever even hearing the recorded version. It's dark and moody, following on from the sound that AIHN established on the Black Everything EP. Despite this though it remains catchy and full of great sing-a-long moments that fans of the band have come to expect. Lead singer Josh McKenzie has never pulled any punches with his lyrics and doesn't let up here, at one point singing the lyric "If You Mention Suicide Again I Swear I'll Kill You Myself." I don't really know anything about Luca Brasi other than they are from Australia so when I first listened to their first song on the split - Borders And Statelines I didn't have much of an idea what to expect. When I first heard the track I was reminded of the UK's emo punks Moose Blood (who, after a little research I found out are touring Australia with Luca Brasi soon) but with an acoustic guitar. I really like the different take on the style, it's not one I've heard very often at all. There is a fantastic guitar section part way through the song, proving what a bunch of talented musicians the punk rockers actually are. As I listen I think how fantastic this band must be live. Brilliantly musicianship with songs I really want to sing along with.

The second AIHN song on the split is Red Wine. I love how well the song builds musically. Joe Watson's drumming in particular stands out on the song. For the most part it's a simple beating pattern that really holds the song together between the big distorted guitars that feature heavily towards the end of the songs. Josh's vocals are as always superb. They convey such vulnerability and brokenness that you can't help but get carried away in the emotion of it all. There are few bands with the ability to move a listener quite like AIHN do. The final song on the split is Luca Brasi's second - Aeroplane. The acoustic guitar is put to the side on this song and is an all electric affair. The tempo feels raised on the track and has a lot more urgency in the song. Like Red Wine there is a simple drum beat that really drives the song along amongst some great jangly guitars. Vocally the song has much more of a pop punk style to it and is full of catchy hooks and lyrics. In particular, the chorus starts with the lyrics "I Wrote This Down On An Aeroplane." Instantly that was stuck in my head. Australia has an amazing amount of fantastic acts in their scene. Luca Brasi are definitely one of them.

This is a fun little split. It really showcases two fantastic up and coming bands. I like that the styles are fairly different but also aren't worlds apart. This is how splits should be. A way for bands to showcase their music to fans of a different band. Another great release from Uncle M Music.

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