Thursday, 30 June 2016

Top Tens: Matilda's Scoundrels Top Ten Punk Rock Influences

Hastings based six piece folk punks Matilda's Scoundrels give us their top ten punk rock influences this week. Each member of the band picked one influence each and then decided on the final four together.

1. Jason: My main influence is ska punk. Listening to bands like the Filaments and Capdown when I was younger lead me into the style of songs I like to write. Usually more political in nature in the lyrics and with the ever present off beat rhythm that comes with ska punk music that can make you want to skank like fuck and get you really pissed off at the injustices of the world at the same time.

2. Dan: The main influence on me as a guitarist is Hardcore punk. Everything from early bands like Black Flag and Descendents to more current and the heavier Cursed and Ceremony. It’s fast, thrashy, passionate with tons of energy and best of all, the majority of songs are under 2 minutes!

3. Jens: Lately my inspirations have been two very interesting accordion players Geoff Berner and Martyn Jacques from Tiger Lillies with their dark twisted views on life and stories, much like Tom Waits. Nevertheless my root inspirations are from skate punks, like Millencolin, Satanic Surfers and my home town ska outfit Liberator.

4. Jon: I have many influences, but mainly metal and rock, bands like Kyuss, Tool and Rage Against The Machine have always been firm favourites. But I also take influence from other genres like American folk and country. Bands such as, the Builders and the Butchers and the Devil Makes Three. I find it important to take in as much as possible from all genres of music.

5. James: My influences are early AFI and No Fun At All as it is fast. Plus Operation Ivy / Rancid as it used to get me psyched to go bmxing in my teens.

6. Quinn: There are many people who have influenced me over the years, it's almost impossible for me not to be influenced by any one person I've ever met. That's how you make your own sound take it all in. My roots are rock & roll stoner rock, mountain, Stanley Clarke and of course Guthrie, Dylan & Rodriguez – all inspiring sounds with real stories.

7. Hastings: The sea side town of Hastings, with its great sense of community and a strong belief in DIY when it come to music, festivals, events and all things around it.

8. The Levellers: The Levellers have long been an influence for all of the band. Mark Chadwick unwittingly gave us half of our name. They are and always will be a source of inspiration.

9. The Pogues: The Pogues have pretty much influenced every current folk/Celtic punk band going and we’re no different. It’s perfect drinking music that gets everyone moving.

10. Mischief Brew: Mischief Brew are a band that spans so many genres, anything from anarcho punk, folk, swing and gypsy. Mixed with their unique lyrical content and defiant political message it's easy to see why they are a major influence.

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