Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Album Review: Sunrise by Lachance

Scotland is an incredible place for punk rock music. So many amazing bands and musicians have emerged from Scotland in the past few years including Billy Liar, The Murderburgers, Paper Rifles, The Kimberley Steaks, Elk Gang, Maxwells Dead, Sink Alaska, PMX....I could go on and on. Another that I've just been made aware of are Lachance from Dundee. Lachance have recently released a new EP on the amazing Make-That-A-Take Records titled Sunrise.

The first song on Sunrise is named Invincible Summer. I absolutely loved the opening lyrics of this song- "We Won't Always Be Young, But We Can Stay Young At Heart." As I'm getting older this is becoming more and more my philosophy on life. As you can imagine from those lyrics the song is about making sure that you keep living your life the way you want as you grow older and not forgetting about the things that get you excited. Musically I'm reminded of the Latterman/Rvivr/Iron Chic family of punk rock music. Smart, catchy punk rock which will have you shouting every single word of the song. Up next is the song Glue. Glue is about being there for someone when they really need it and supporting them. The track starts off incredibly quickly, with the drums especially being played at a great pace. At only one minute and forty-three seconds in length it seems short but manages to pack a lot into the song. The changing of the melody after a short bass breakdown is a great way to end the song. The whoa-ohs that conclude Glue felt like a exclamation point proclaiming the song to be done. As soon as I heard Empty My Lungs I thought that this is one of the best songs I've heard all year. In tempo it's slower than the opening two tracks and focuses more so on the lyrics of the song rather than being fast and in your face. Empty Your Lungs is actually a very sad song about struggling to deal with the death of a parent. I really liked how Lachance got through all the verses of the song at the halfway point of the track and finish it with a big chorus complete with some fantastic harmonies. Just an incredible song.

The fourth song on Sunrise is named Shoebox. On Shoebox Lachance really pick the tempo up again. It is another song about dealing with the death of a parent. Lachance sing about looking through a box that is full of memories from your life that make you think you need to get in touch with someone but unfortunately it's too late. Something I really enjoyed in the song was the use of multiple vocalists throughout, it really gives a sense of belonging and live it will definitely encourage a big sing-a-long. Spirals is a song that has a fantastic identity crisis. At times it's hard, blunt, punchy and very to the point before swapping to a more melodic style. I always enjoy when a song goes through different styles, it gives it a feeling on unpredictability that is sometimes hard to find in punk rock music. Spirals is about trying to find your way through life, often taking the wrong path but finding the strength to keep on going. The final lines of the song in particular really stood out to me. "Trust Me When I Say I'll Be Ok, If I Can Find A Breath I Can Find A Way." The EP finishes with the title track Sunrise. Starting out with a big sing-a-long chorus that caught my attention immediately on my first listen of the song and pulled me in. Sunrise is a very fitting final song. After the songs about struggling with tragedies, the song is a lot more positive. It's about being able to do whatever you want to do in life as long as you have people who love you by your side. Making memories with friends is what life is all about and Lachance sum that up perfectly in this song. The ending of the song is another with some great harmonies along with a fantastic sing-a-long moment that will go down so fantastically well at a Lachance gig.

One way I always rate a new release is by how much I want to hear the songs live. I can safely say that I want to hear every single song on Sunrise live. It's a fun album to listen to musically and lyrically it's on another level. Excellent.

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