Monday, 6 June 2016

Album Review: For Life by The Lucky Eejits

The Lucky Eejits are a three-piece punk rock band from Oakland, California who are signed to the awesome 13 Stitches Records from Brighton. Back in January they released a new EP named For Life, their first release since bass player Emilio Nevarez was tragically killed after a show in April 2015.

The first song on For Life is named April 5th and is a tribute to Emilio. It starts out with some quite sombre guitars before cranking the volume up to eleven. There is a lyric in the opening verse that really sums up what The Lucky Eejits are feeling with this EP - "We Won't Give Up and We Sing This For Him". These lyrics talk about continuing on with The Lucky Eejits in honour of their departed friend. The chorus is absolutely huge as the band scream "VIVA OUR BEST FRIEND, VIVA OUR FRIEND TO THE END". The next track - Battle For One has a brilliant, punchy stop/start intro that really pulls the listener in from the beginning. The punchy delivery of the vocals throughout the entire song really gives an added emphasis to the lyrical content. The song is played in a high tempo for the majority of its duration, which helps it give out a massive amount of energy. Battle For One is a real party starter. The third track is named Broken. The song sees The Lucky Eejits revert back to their original sound - when they first formed they used to be a six piece playing folky, Irish punk before morphing into a full speed punk rock band. Broken is a slower track and is a massive sing-along. This is that song at a gig where you get arm in arm with the people next to you and shout without a care in the world.

East Bay Rats then blasts the EP back into life. Fast guitars and pounding drums really get the song going as the track talks about growing up in the legendary East Bay punk scene. There is a good amount of ferocity during the track as everything is done at 100%. I love the energy and passion that just pours out of the song. It got me very pumped up! The penultimate song on For Life is the catchy Every Night. It’s the shortest song on the EP, clocking in at just one minute and forty seconds. The lack of song length doesn't mean that the song is lacking in bite however. The vocals are delivered in that fantastically punchy manner again and there is a small amount of punk rock venom included this time. For Life is finished with the song Home Is West. This is a mid-tempo pop punk track that focuses heavily on gang vocals during the chorus. I absolutely love a big gang vocal chorus! This particular chorus features the line "Middle Fingers In The Air" - a line and action that will undoubtedly get a big response from a live audience.

If you're new to The Lucky Eejits like I am then this is a great introduction to an incredible band. If you're an old fan of the band then I'm sure that this is another fantastic release from a band that will soon be on everyone's radar.

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