Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Album Review: Bicycle Thieves by Bicycle Thieves

Bicycle Thieves are a four piece punk band from Cardiff who have just released their brand new debut EP. The self titled EP features four songs of punk rock influenced by the likes of The Gaslight Anthem and Beach Slang and has been released on No Panic Records.

The opening song on the EP is named Last Of The Long Goodbyes. It begins with some fantastic upbeat guitars before we get the first vocals. The vocal's are an interesting mix of pop and gravelly styles that give the band a fresh feel. The song is full of hooks and melody that will completely pull you in and get lodged in your head for days. Everything Is Not Okay starts with a big drum roll that get's you pumped up for the song immediately before some big fist in the air vocals really get the track moving. As the song progresses we are treat to a track full of highs and lows and plenty of moments that allow you to sing along with the band. The harmonies at the end of the song close the finish Everything Is Not Okay perfectly. The third song on the EP is named Let You Down. Let You Down is a piece of indie-punk brilliance. It's a mid-tempo track packed with some fantastic guitar playing. The vocals and lead guitar go off with different melodies that create a fantastic effect. Again, the vocals are delivered in such a way that make it impossible not to want to sing with Bicycle Thieves. The final track is titled We'll Be The Ones (You're Afraid To Be). There is an epic build at the beginning of the song before some slightly more emotional vocals come in. Delivered in a punchy style which adds more of a urgent sound to the song. I'm really reminded of Brighton's Harker on this track which is excellent. The song feels like a last song, it's got the highs and lows you would expect with some big choruses and a massive musical sound. Wonderful song.

This EP came very highly recommended to me and I can see why. It's four songs of catchy punk rock that is beautifully written. Each song on the EP made me long to see them played live, they all sound like they would be brilliant with a crowd singing along to them. Anyone who says punk music is just three chords played as fast as possible needs to check out Bicycle Thieves. Fantastic release from a fantastic new band.

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