Saturday, 24 October 2015

Album Review: The Lame Mistakes by Pompo And The Community College Rejects

Pompo And The Community College Rejects are a pop punk band from Myrtle Beach in South California. Way back in January (always late to the party) the four piece released a new EP named The Lame Mistakes on Good Enuf Records. I checked it out. 

The first song on The Lame Mistakes is God Made You A "Bitch" and from the outset you get a feel for the tone of the EP. It's a fun sing-a-long release that doesn't pull any punches lyrically. The drumming at the beginning of the track reminds me a lot of the intro to the classic pop tune "Hey Mickey." The vocals are delivered quickly during the verse before a simple gang vocal chorus of "God Made You A Bitch". Musically this isn't going to change the world but my gosh it's fun. The song itself is an attack on metal bands who take themselves too seriously and forget to have fun. The second song is called Cuban Vegan Straight Edge Ukulele Girl. Like any good pop punk release there has to be a song about girls and this is it - it’s about meeting a girl online and having everything in common. I like the story telling feel of the song as the singer sings about the growth of the relationship. On the third song - Anti-Gay Chick Fillet Day - there is a different vocalist, who is deeper and more serious than the vocalist on the first two songs. The tempo of the song is also much slower than the opening two tracks, really focusing on the tongue in cheeks lyrics of the song. The final song on The Lame Mistakes is Ashley. The lyrics in the introduction of the song are pretty vulgar so I won't be repeating them but they are very creative. The song is about a famous person named Ashley with the singer of Pompo And The Community College Rejects questioning why she doesn't love him. The song is kind of dumb but also so entertaining. It's a good reminder that music doesn't always have to be smart and meaningful. Sometimes it can just make you smile.

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