Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Album Review: Rotten Routine by Bottler

London based four piece Bottler have just released a brand new EP, called Rotten Routine, on the ever fantastic Disconnect Disconnect Records. I loved their first EP Smithereens, so I was excited to hear this new effort. I was also quite interested to hear the new trance music and synths route that guitarist Jon had promised me.

The opening title track, Rotten Routine, immediately displays a much better level of production than on Smithereens. The song is about the monotony of daily life and how it feels like you're just going round in circles. The chorus is instantly catchy, you will be singing along after just one listen, and the guitar chords are really interesting, they really grab your attention. Death Wish Cyclist is a short (thirty-four second) song lamenting cyclists who think they own the road. It's a funny, short song that really brought a smile to my face. Your Own is my favourite song on Rotten Routine. It’s a ska punk track, something I really wasn't expecting from Bottler. It's about being brave enough to follow your dreams no matter what anyone else thinks - true friends will have your back regardless. It's a proper sing-along, fun song that will have you with your arms round your neighbours singing at the top of your voice.

Pearls sees a change in musical direction with some much more restrained vocals. It's a thoughtful song about living your life by learning from your mistakes. I really liked the premise of the song and it was delivered brilliantly. Bottler are very good lyricists and also love a witty song title, which is clearly evident in the penultimate track Pleasuring Her Majesty. This is a mid-tempo track that sounds the most like something from Smithereens. There are fantastic bass lines throughout the song that give the song an extra dimension and the harmonies work really well. It's about being a product of a bad upbringing and constantly finding yourself in serious trouble because of it. Rotten Routine finishes with a cover of The Cure classic Boys Don't Cry. It's a fun way to finish the EP and shows the Bottler boys’ excellent sense of humour.

I'm a bit friendly with Jon from Bottler so it could seem that I would only write positive things about this EP but I can honestly say that I would love this even if I hated the guy. It's a smart, well written and varied EP that you should all check out immediately.

Get more information on Bottler here: https://www.facebook.com/bottlerband