Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Album Review: Dark Days by PMX

PMX are a long-running melodic punk band from Perth in Scotland who originally formed way back in 1997. They stayed very active until 2008 before taking a four-year hiatus and returning in 2012. This year they released a new EP on Make-That-A-Take Records titled Dark Days.

The first song on the EP is called Pull The Trigger and has a great lengthy intro which includes some of the most incredible guitar playing I've heard in a long time. Everyone should listen to Pull The Trigger for that alone. The vocals are crisp and clear and remind me a little of the late, great Tony Sly with the delivery. It's a song about holding people accountable for their wrong doings and getting justice. There is a good sense of urgency in the song that gives it a strongfeeling of importance. The second track on Dark Days is titled Eulogy. This song starts quickly with the lead singer grabbing your attention early with some soaring vocals. This technical style of punk rock really shows off how talented the musicians in punk rock are; something that's far too often overlooked. Everything is played at a great tempo and with a ridiculous amount of skill. Another Year, whilst still being really technical, feels a bit softer around the edges with more of a pop punk style. This track is about growing up and looking for the right way for you to live your life, no matter how long it may take and this is something I really relate to.

Without Me is a bit of a break up song, tackling the subject of what you would do if you were left alone. This starts slowly, with a soft Scottish accent coming through before the track takes flight. There is a great range displayed by the bands vocalist on this track and it’s one of the more catchy tracks on the EP. In contrast, Brave Face has an introduction that really makes me want to jump! This songs really takes me back to the skate punk days of the late 90's/early 2000's with its fast paced guitars, melodic vocals and excellent harmonies. I can just imagine watching an old skate video, wishing I could just go along without falling off a skateboard and listening to this song. I like a new song that can fill me with nostalgia. The final track on Dark Days is also named Dark Days. At six minutes and forty-three seconds long it's a bit of an epic. Beginning with some gentle guitar chords that feel like they gradually get harder and harder before being joined by full band the intro really gives the impression that something huge is coming. Dark Days is a positive song about living life in the best way, about learning from themistakes of others and about trying to teach people a better way of doing things. I loved the final verse that goes "Don't Become Forgotten In Our History, Make Your Name Withstand The Test Of Time, Show The World Exactly What It Means To Be, A Light In The Dark." Really, really, really positive stuff!

For me PMX have really come out of nowhere with this release. It's excellent in every single aspect and you need to check it out!

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