Thursday, 27 November 2014

Album Review: Love, Hate, Life Death by Snake

Love, Hate, Life, Death is the name of the new EP from Kingston two piece Snake. When I first found out they were a two piece I instantly thought that this would be an acoustic act. Snake are definitely not an acoustic act. This is one of the most intense hardcore punk releases I’ve heard in a while.

The EP begins with Love and straight away I love the rawness of the sound. The track goes along at a slow pace with singer and guitarist Louis’s vocals really add some urgency to the sound. I really love how the vocals carry the melody of the track as well as Louis’ guitar and Wills drum play the same driving beat throughout the song. The second song Hate picks up the pace somewhat.  Despite the intensity of the music there is a real catchiness to the song that will have people screaming back at the band really loudly. The chorus of “I’m A Lost Soul, I’m A Lost Soul, I’m A Lost Soul, I’m A Lost Soul” will really strike a chord with listeners as well. Everybody has felt like that at one stage of their lives. The third song Life continues down this path. I notice that you don’t really miss the bass in this music; I think if there was a bass involved some of the rawness which I love about this music would be lost. Death is my favourite song on the EP; despite its name it’s got a real positive message. The message is to not be afraid of death and to live life to the fullest. More people need to think this way, myself included. The final track is named Control. I think this is another really positive track about taking charge of your life regardless of the consequences. It’s really hard not to feel empowered by these last two track especially. They are sung with so much power and energy that they really make you believe in what they are saying.

If you like your punk rock played loud, fast and full of intense emotion they Love, Hate, Life, Death is an EP you really need to check out.

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