Gateway Band?
The Offspring – accessible and opened the doors to the punk world for me.

Favourite Album Ever?
How Will I Laugh Tomorrow…When I Can’t Even Smile Today by Suicidal Tendencies

Guilty Pleasure?
No such thing, music is subjective.

Favourite Gig?
Ghouls final ever show with Riskee & The Ridicule and Karl Philips supporting.

Favourite Venue?
New Cross Inn – local, easy to get to and from and so many lovely people there.

Silliest Thing Done For Punk Rock?
Dressed as a clown for Imperial Leisure’s Halloween gig.

What To Buy You If I See You At A Gig?
Lager please. :)

Band You've Seen The Most?
Either Ghouls or Imperial Leisure.

Band You Wish You Could Have Seen?
Mad Capsule Markets, such a unique sound at the time.

What Punk Rock Means To You?
Sounds cheesy but inclusivity and togetherness.

Other Interests?
Most sports and travelling.

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