Friday, 28 December 2018

CPRW Playlist: The Best Songs Of 2018

It's the last Friday of the month and the last of the year so here at CPRW we thought we'd do something a little special. Brett, Dan, Emma, Jack, Omar, Richard, Robyn and myself have selected our favourite songs of the year. But because 2018 has been such an incredible year for new punk rock music, we decided to ask some of our pals from the punk blogging community to add some of their favourite songs of the year as well. Many thanks to Sarah from Shout Louder, Matt from Ear Nutrition, Makky from Broken Arrow, David from Keep Track Of The Time, Mick from Just Some Punk Songs, Marie-Line from Punk Rock Avenue, AJ from The Punk Site, Bruno from PunKanormal Activity and Tony from Apathy and Exhaustion. Check out all of these blogs whilst listening to this superb playlist. 

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