Friday, 14 September 2018

Gig Review: Uniforms at the New Cross Inn 7/9/18

You know those days when you're feeling quite miserable for no actual reason and then something happens that absolutely makes your day? I had one of those a few weeks ago. Like I said I was feeling quite miserable for no actual reason, then I checked my phone and discovered that Dundee's Uniforms had been booked to play the New Cross Inn as part of their tour supporting their superb new EP Reasons To Breathe. I'd been waiting to see Uniforms for years before they played Manchester Punk Festival earlier this year and stole the show. The chance to see them again so soon after had me super excited and I couldn't wait.

Emma and I arrived at the New Cross with plenty of time to see the opening band of the night Modern Shakes. We were lucky enough to catch the London based three piece at Polite Riot Festival earlier in the summer and were really impressed by this new band. They play melodic pop punk music in the vein of bands like Dillinger Four and Banner Pilot. Modern Shakes were so good on this night, I can't wait for them to release their debut EP so I can sing along with these fantastic songs that they've written. Throughout the set Modern Shakes did introduce each song but I've completely forgotten the names and I'm not pro-journalist enough to write important things like that down. The highlight of the set was the penultimate song of their set though, that was a particular banger.

Up next were another new band on the scene - Crushed Veneer. Emma recently reviewed their EP for CPRW and really enjoyed it and from what I've heard of them I was expecting to enjoy their set too. Something I found interesting when they were setting up was how the bass player had his microphone stand set up not facing the crowd but instead slightly further back facing the drum kit. It makes for an interesting visual and allows him more room to bounce around the stage. I guess that's why he does it. Crushed Veneer played with plenty of energy and I particularly enjoyed the faster songs in their set which had some epic three part harmonies. It was clear for all to see how skilled Crushed Veneer are as a band and I'm expecting them to make a bigger and bigger name for themselves throughout the London punk scene.

Break-Ups don't play many shows anymore so I was quite looking forward to seeing them at this show. Unfortunately it turned out their drummer couldn't make the show so what we got instead was perhaps the most unique Break-Ups set ever. Fair play to Luke and Alfie for deciding to play the show as they pretty much winged their set with Luke playing guitar and the duo singing some Break-Ups songs. At times it was a bit haphazard but in truth that really added to the charm of the set. I would have loved to have seen full band Break-Ups but this was a nice little surprise and a lot of fun. Hopefully they'll have another show soon with an actual drummer.

Next it was time for Uniforms to play their first London show in five years and I couldn't have been more excited. I quickly made my way to the front of the stage to get the best possible view, alongside my buddy Tone from The Burnt Tapes, to see one of the UK scene's very best bands. We were treated to a half hour set of old Uniforms favourites as well as some new tracks from Reasons To Breathe. Uniforms’ music is filled with such an infectious energy that you immediately get caught up in their songs and live is truly when they're at their very best. They're a band who put everything they have into their live performance and it's an absolute pleasure to watch. The crowd, which unfortunately wasn't the biggest, were really into it with one chap in particular quite clearly having the time of his life. I was too, just in less of an alcohol influenced way. I enjoyed everything about Uniforms set but the two highlights were Pink Couch and brand new song Get Me Out Of Here which finishes with a great breakdown and this incredible and ferocious finale that works so brilliantly live. Uniforms are the best - thanks for getting back together and coming back down to London.

This review was written by Colin Clark. Photos by Emma Prew.

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