Friday, 2 March 2018

Future Classics: Don't Fuck With Our Dreams by The Smith Street Band

A few months ago when the topic of future classics was first brought up one band we immediately thought of was Australia's Smith Street Band. The band continue to become more and more popular with each and every release so there's plenty of arguments to be had about which of their releases could be classed as a future classic. Since all were released after 2010 (and 2010 to the present day are the parameters for when a release can be classed as a future classic, at least by CPRW) they all are in the running. I love them all but I'm nominating 2013's Don't Fuck With Our Dreams EP. Here is why.

The first reason I want to give for why Don't Fuck With Our Dreams is a future classic is simply because it was the first Smith Street Band I ever heard. I was immediately drawn into these five songs. The Smith Street sound was unlike much I had heard before. Combining punk rock, indie and hints of folk with this really raw emotional songwriting and, of course, lead singer Wil Wagner's thick Australian accent to create such a special sound.

Wil's songwriting skills are something that I've written about a few times on CPRW. He writes these incredible songs with positive messages like following your dreams no matter what and trying to be something bigger and educating yourself. There is plenty of variety in the songs musically, the title track is a rambunctious punk rock party, Self Control is a more controlled number that threatens to explode many times but never does. Ducks Fly Together is a mix of the two, starting all punchy and controlled before the band unleash into a big sing-a-long. Bigger Than Us and Kids fall more into the more indie punk style but Wil's vocals really shine throughout all five tracks.

Like I said Don't Fuck With Our Dreams was the first Smithies release I ever heard and it's often made up a big portion of their live set on the eleven times that I've seen them and always get great reactions from any crowd. Don't Fuck With Our Dreams (the song) is the perfect live track. It's one that has you singing and dancing instantly and always puts a smile on my face. The song is split into two sections. There's the opening, upbeat, jangly pop punk section that makes up the bulk of the song and then there's incredible slower section which features a fantastic crowd interaction moment as the crowd chant the lyrics back at the band. There aren't many times where I still get goosebumps when I see a band live but I do every time The Smith Street Band play this song.

For me, Don't Fuck With Our Dreams was a big turning point in the band's career and it was the moment that more and more people sat up and took notice of The Smith Street Band. Since the release they've gone on to release the critically acclaimed albums Throw Me In The River and More Scared Of Your Than You Are Of Me. It's also made people go back over their back catalogue and check out their earlier releases such as No One Gets Lost Anymore and Sunshine & Technology. All of these records truly are incredible and I love each dearly but for me Don't Fuck With Our Dreams is the classic.

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This future classic was nominated by Colin Clark.