Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Album Review: ...Fuck Up My Whole Weekend by The Bumpin' Uglies

Canada is becoming a factory for producing great pop punk bands. Another coming of the assembly line is Winnipeg's The Bumpin' Uglies (sometimes shortened to The Uglies) who this past summer released a new EP named ...Fuck Up My Whole Weekend.

Curiously the EP begins with a song titled Retirement. I must admit I was expecting far more of a fast paced snotty style of pop punk but was pleasantly surprised to hear a more melodic style with plenty of fantastic harmonies. There is a feeling of restraint throughout the track, making you think something big is about to happen. That big thing is the chorus. It's not quite an explosion of sound but it is a hook filled few seconds that you can't help but want to dance and sing along too. Next up is the song Keepin' Up With The Jonesers. This track really picks up the pace and manages to squeeze in a lot during its short one minute and seven seconds time span. This really takes me back to the days of 90s skate punk with fast guitars (including some incredible soloing) accompanied by some hard hitting yet catchy vocal delivery.

Reelin' In The Beers (I don't think The Bumpin' Uglies like the letter 'g') is the title of the third track. I loved the changes in melody between the verse and chorus on this - the verse feeling a bit for urgent and then a extremely catchy chorus. There is a great bridge section in the song where the rhythm of the track is completely switched around before reverting back to the original formula to complete the song with a flourish. The penultimate track is called New Ways. As I listen to the track something really strikes me about lead singer Bill Quinton's vocals - how throughout the whole record they remain restrained and he doesn't over stretch himself with the vocal delivery. He knows his range and doesn't feel the need to push himself past his capabilities. This really helps with the whole sound of the EP.

...Fuck Up My Whole Weekend finishes with what I think is the best song on the EP, Jesus In A Jail Cell. Beginning with an opening riff that reminded me of NOFX's Seeing Double At The Triple Rock, before some nice, fact paced vocals join the party. This beautiful guitar work continues throughout the song. The Bumpin' Uglies continue with the up-tempo, urgent verses before a catchy, bouncy chorus that'll get you singing, smiling and having an all around ace time.

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