Monday, 12 September 2016

Album Review: Got It Made by Guttermouth (by Dan Peters)

Have a conversation about Guttermouth and I’m sure we can mostly agree that Covered In Ants and Gusto are for casuals and weirdos respectively. Other than those later albums everything Guttermouth have done is gold dust. A sixteen year old Dan had this Guttermouth shirt and on the back it had a definition of punk rock which read “a loud, fast, and deliberately offensive style of rock music” . They really epitomised that definition and along with having the best and most genuinely hilarious live show I’ve ever seen they had the most offensive and funny songs too. I stumbled across the fact they have a brand spanking new album by pure chance and after giving a couple seconds listen to make sure it wasn’t another ‘Gusto’ I became hopelessly lost in it.

Guttermouth sound, for those who might not know, like someone got Greenday high on coke and played them on fast forward. As has been then case with many an older band coming back on the scene, this album is a return to the “glory days”. If you are an existing fan, then think Musical Monkey, Teri Yakimoto and Friendly People. For non fans listen to those albums once you finished with this. Couple the aforementioned description of punk with lyrics such as “Your wife is an inbred that married an idiot, it’s no surprise that your kids are deformed” (sung about his own father) and you have a perfect picture of Guttermouth and the measure of this EP. Everything is fast, everything is smeared with juvenile humour and Mark Adkins signature vocals and nothing lasts beyond the 2 and a half minute mark.

This is classic Guttermouth at its best. Trashy, stupid humour, breakneck beats and simple but fierce riffage all through. A lot of their charm comes down to personal taste and sense of humour but if you get it then you’ll love it.

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