Thursday, 18 February 2016

Top Tens: Escape Artists Top Ten Punk Rock Influences

Austrian pop punk band Escape Artists give their top ten punk rock influences.

It was the first love of our guitar players, and the founders of ESCAPE ARTISTS were overwhelmed by their powerful guitar riffs and their scream parts. A song of theirs “ESCAPE ARTISTS never die” gave us a name for our project. The new CD came out 22nd of January is called ”…never die”.

This is a cover band from Germany who write their own lyrics. Their creative minds in writing about funny stuff but never getting lost of the real song is absolutely unique. How they transfer the music to Punkrock on CD or live will blow your mind.

Of course one of the biggest Punkrock bands ever. Their booming guitars combined with a melodic but also rough voice has absolutely taken a place in our hearts.

An Israeli Punkrock band worth mentioning. Smooth parts as well as fast-paced power chords are just two types of song-writing from their extensive repertoire. I have seen them performing in front of a huge crowd and I have seen them performing in front of 50 people. Guess what was the difference - nothing, just perfect!

Rest in peace Tony Sly. This band had just a huge impact by performing Punkrock in their very unique style. A band I saw several times live because it was worth it. I will never forget the appearance of Tony on stage. So calm, so cautious but when the song starts everything changed to pure enthusiasm.

I can't give a reason why they influenced me so much. Was it their emotional style? Was it the diversity of one song? Was it their way performing with abandon? Make yourself a picture, I can't write it down.

They are one of the most famous German underground Punk bands. All of us listened to them. It was the sound of revolution, the sound of rebellion and the sound of hating those racist brown pieces of shit. It's impossible to compare them with any other band it's something special. Yeah that's WIZO.

Ok now they’re not a Punkrock band anymore but in our very young youth they were. Our base player honoured the base lines of Mike Dirnt in their old songs. Maybe many of you will say: “Green Day are not punkrock, they’re a Pop band“ and you are right. But I can't ignore that they fuelled inspiration in our youth.

An Austrian Melodic Hardcore/ Punkrock band I always looked up to. I like their songs because in the one hand they are smoth and on the other hand they some kind of aggressive. A combination worth mentioning. You are gonna go far!

Different genres in just one song as well as the old Punkrock songs. Great! But the most impressing piece of their music: the lyrics. I will never forget the lines of “overcome”. Never!

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