Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Art of Punk: Brunofsky

Bruno Guerreiro, or Brunofsky as he is better known in the art and music world, is a designer and illustrator based in Philadelphia. Being Philadelphia-based it is no surprise that he produces a lot of posters and artwork for Restorations, The Menzingers and The Holy Mess (as well as other bands, of course). It was through The Menzingers that I first became aware of his artwork. Although I’d certainly seen some of his posters before, I didn’t actually know who they were designed and/or illustrated by – as is often, unfortunately, the way with gig posters and the like.


Last year I enjoyed Brunofsky’s limited edition screen printed Menzingers calendar on my bedroom wall – now I’m going to have to get something else to fill the spot where it was!

Brunofsky’s designs often combine horror-influenced imagery – the grim reaper, skulls, a variety of monsters and Freddy Kruger himself in the case of one Smith Street Band design – with hand drawn lettering. This style of typography makes the band name as much a part of the image as the illustration itself. Particularly on posters, it’s great to see lettering incorporated into the whole design rather than simply using Helvetica or any other default font.

You’ll notice that, although it varies from poster to poster, the lettering on Restorations posters is always distinctly psychedelic-inspired (sort of like Jimi Hendrix or Grateful Dead posters from the 60s but without the super bright in-your-face colour schemes) which, personally, I think really suits their music.


Not only a punk fan, Bruno Guerreiro is also the art director of Philly-based metal magazine Decibel. It’s great to see that punk and metal fans alike can appreciate good artwork – although, of course, the imagery and styling does vary. I particularly like this t-shirt design for Pallbearer, a doom metal band (and I don’t even know what doom metal is!). The lettering is awesome.

If you like what you see there are a number of prints available to buy in his online store – including some non-band related artwork, which are still just as awesome.