Saturday, 16 January 2016

Album Review: Will We Never Learn by The Pisdicables

Written by Dan Peters

Be Sharp Records have a very good track record when it comes to putting out quality ska punkers, having blessed the world with the exceptional  We Did This To Ourselves by Call Me Malcolm. Apparently they are intent on continuing the trend with big ensemble ska outfit The Pisdicables.

This is revivalist ska in the vein of The Slackers or The Aggrolites with a healthy dose of punk thrown in to keep things driving along. If you are a fan of trumpet melodies with keyboard rhythms along with your upstrokes then this is definitely a record to keep in your collection. As mentioned these guys feel like they come with very heavy HellCat Records influences. I could pick a track at random from Will We Never Learn and it would sit fantastically on a Give ‘Em  The Boot comp.

Now I’ve hopefully planted the style in your head lets move onto whether the album is actually good. Well the production quality is outstanding. For an album put out by a small indie label the quality compared to huge label releases (something like The Skints) is comparable and depending on your tastes better. This begs to be turned up to eleven on a huge sound system and skanked to till the sun comes up.

Song wise everything is a dance hall hit. Pisdicables have an easy flow style which is undeniably easy on the ears and with telegraphed but welcome dips and uplifts in songs time and again you’ll be dancing along like its your 100th listen before you’ve realised. There is a familiarity here which rather than feeling derivative helps to make the sound that much more enjoyable.

Stand outs for me are Never Learn, a hypnotically great jump-along smasher about living it up. I defy anyone to stay still while listening to it. Also a personal  favourite is Spooky. A great groove and perfect example of how well the band transitions between heavier high energy and mellow dub. If it’s your first time having heard of The Pisdicables it’s the perfect introductory track.

All in all you already know if you like this band. If Ska/Reggae/Dub is a genre you adore you’ll find few that can pull it off with as much energy and charisma as The Pisdicables.

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