Sunday, 10 January 2016

Album Review: Better Off by The Broken Anchors

Better Off is the title of the new EP from Dutch melodic punks The Broken Anchors. Inspired by the likes of The Bouncing Souls, Off With Their Heads and the Street Dogs, The Broken Anchors play fast and fun, shouty sing-along punk rock music.

Better Off begins with the song Saw You Walking. From the opening chords I knew that this was going to be an EP that I loved. The drums are loud, the guitars are crunchy and the vocal is big and accessible for huge sing alongs. This is the everyman style of punk rock that I love so much. The tempo is upped on the next track - No I Didn't. No I Didn't has more of an aggressive feeling to it during the verses before another big chorus. Musically it reminds me of the legendary Pennywise's style of hard skate punk and makes me feel incredibly pumped up. The song itself is about not giving up and walking away from your problems. Next up is the EP's title track Better Off. Instantly this sounds like the Street Dogs covering an Off With Their Heads song and it sounds absolutely fantastic. This is melodic, fist-in-the-air pop punk at its finest. Musically the song goes on at a slower pace but the melody is amazing and you can't help but want to shout along with The Broken Anchors. I really enjoyed the introduction of the penultimate song - I Never Will. It has a sound similar to that of pop punks The Copyrights before the song morphs into a punk rock banger played at break neck speed. Fantastic, fists-in-the-air punk rock that really grabs your attention! Many bands play this genre of punk rock these days and on this song especially The Broken Anchors prove they are as good as any of them. Better Off is finished with a track called You Seem To Wait For More. This is another up-tempo, high spirited sing-along and is the perfect way to finish the EP. It's an anthem that will get a crowd really excited and produce mass sing-alongs. The Broken Anchors have taken a popular sound and made it their own. They haven't reinvented any wheels but they have found a way to sound fresh and different and that is the sign of a very promising new band.

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