Monday, 23 November 2015

Album Review: Obsession Transgression by Millie Manders

Ska pop songstress Millie Manders is back with a brand new EP called Obsession Transgression. Since the release of her last EP The Free-P back in January, Millie has worked tirelessly performing live and recording a brand new EP. I had the opportunity to give it a listen and here is what I thought.

Obsession Transgression is also the title of the opening song on the EP. This song is a brass filled track, which accompanies Manders’ punchy vocal style brilliantly. It really adds a lot of upbeat tempo to the song and will get a party started. The strength in her vocals really shines through as well as Manders belts out a big chorus. The next song, Teddy, has a much darker edge to it. It's about being overly possessive in a relationship and ruining things because of it. There is real venom and bite in Manders vocals, a far cry from the style of the opening song. Musically Teddy is really held back, this adds a whole load of tension to the song which really helps set the scene for the theme of the song. The third song is named Bacchus and is another really restrained ska pop song. Millie's band add a good backing to the song but it's really her singing that does most of the work here, doing a great job carrying the melody of the track as well as really showing off her great range of vocals. Obsession Transgression finishes with the song Long Gone. The opening of the track has a riff that reminds me of early 90s films when you get people walking down the streets of New York at the beginning of the movie. It's a cool riff. The riff pops up throughout the song, often leading to a big emotional chorus from Millie Manders’ astonishing vocals. She also manages to throw some quick, rapid-fire-like vocal sections during the song, which adds another string to her bow.

Obsession Transgression shows that Millie Manders is set to become a star in the ska punk scene. This young woman has a lot of ability when it comes to writing varied and memorable songs and with every release she manages to uncover even more of her seemingly unlimited potential.

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