Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Album Review: Nowt But Dust by Young Attenborough

Nowt But Dust is the brand new EP from Brighton's three-piece indie pop punks Young Attenborough. After the excellent debut album Isolations and seeing them perform brilliantly live over the past year, this was a release I was excited to hear.

The title of the first song is Big Salad (which I really hope is a Seinfeld reference). The trademark Young Attenborough jangly guitars are there as soon as the song starts, as are the thing I love most about this band - the incredible harmonies. Vocals come from all angles as the band make their way through a take which changes between fast and slow tempos throughout. The second track is named Ground Control To Major Oak. It's a short song about wanting to escape from a situation but not knowing exactly how to. Again multiple vocals are used and they also take on the job of carrying the melody of the song. The sound is summery and you can easily imagine this being the lead song on the EP. When I'm Around starts with a very fast tempo, definitely finding itself on the punker side of Young Attenborough's sound. The band blast through the first half of the lyrics very quickly before a really long musical interlude during which the band show off their musical chops and then some slower paced vocals that lead perfectly into the final song - Only Dub Can Set You Free. This song really shows how much Young Attenborough have matured as a band with musically a much darker tone to go along with the pop vocal harmonies. 

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