Monday, 19 October 2015

Album Review: The World This Hour by Grease Thieves

Grease Thieves are a three-piece pop punk band from Vancouver in Canada. Back in May they released their first EP titled The World This Hour. I checked it out.

The opening track is called 99 Problems and it instantly reminded me of Dear Landlord, the most underrated pop punk band of the past decade. The vocals aren't what you'd call poppy but they carry plenty of melody. There is an excellent but short break down before one final chorus and then the end of the song. A great start. The next song is titled Threw It Away and is a fist-in-the-air sing-along. I especially enjoyed the guitar work at the beginning of the song, really interesting chords. The songs are very short but seem to pack so much in without ever feeling cluttered. How Many Days is the shortest at just fifty-seven seconds. This song does feel a little too short and doesn't really have a lot of time to get going. It kind of felt like an introduction to the final song on the EP - No Tomorrow. This song starts with a flurry of vocals that'll get a crowd really going. This is sing-along pop punk music at it's finest.

Grease Thieves are a band with a whole lot of promise. It's clear who the band are influenced by but sometimes it feels like they sound near enough the same as those bands. Not that those bands are bad but it would be nice to have a bit more of Grease Thieves in these songs. That being said The World This Hour is a fun little pop punk release they makes me want to hear more from the band.

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