Sunday, 1 March 2015

Album Review: Wasted History by The Burnt Tapes

If you haven’t heard of The Burnt Tapes yet then shame on you. It won’t be long until they are a band on anyone who loves punk rock music’s lips. The Burnt Tapes are four friends from Athens who moved to London and play raspy vocaled punk rock in similar style to bands such as The Flatliners and Banner Pilot. Late last year they released their debut EP Wasted History, I gave it a listen.

The opening song Luber starts out with a nice guitar section before a rolling drum beat blasts the song into life. Luber showcases what The Burnt Tapes music is all about, fast three chord punk rock with a heartfelt and raspy vocals combined with some wonderful harmonies to create some perfect sing along punk rock. The second song, brilliant titled From My Gut To Your Face is a song about wasting your life by drinking too much. The harmonious whoa-ohs towards the back end of the song really stand out and give it quite an anthemic feel. The third song Kevin Sorbo starts out feeling a lot more restraint than the opening two tracks. It builds nicely focusing on tidy musicianship and making sure the vocals get their point across. Towards the end of the song the shackles come of the band and led by a huge drum attack and a big repetitive chorus. Great song. Hang Your Friends see’s the band keep those shackles off as they play a song about having bad friends who are never there for you and how frustrating that can be. The song goes along at a decent pace but never really hits any highs or lows; it just stays where it is. The final song Tiny Battles does give you that fantastic rollercoaster feel. The song features duelling vocals, vocals delivered at a rapid pace, a big chorus, changes in musical momentum, guitar solos and a massive finale. Wasted History is an album that displays a band with big bucket loads of talent and potential. IF these four guys keep plugging away, playing gigs and putting out great releases then the sky could be the limit for them. 

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