Saturday, 14 March 2015

Album Review: Crash EP by Hora Douse

Hora Douse are an alternative rock/punk band from Manchester comprised of Tom Lee (the?), Jonny Russell and Reece Gibson. In October 2014 they released a new three track EP titled Crash. I checked it out.

Crash begins with a track with the same name. The song bursts into life from the get go, seemingly with no actual intro. The melodic structure of this song is very interesting and not something you hear that often. To my untrained ears it felt like the verses had two melodies, one delivered by the vocals and one by the guitar. This leads into a great chorus that really makes you want to bang your head. The second track Bored does have an intro that builds nicely into the song. This song is played at a faster tempo and the interesting dual melodies are still in full force. Bored feels like a great combination of a hardcore punk song with strong enough hooks in the chorus to give it a hint of a big pop punk sing along. The third and final song Speak is the real stand track here. Speak goes down a different musical avenue than the previous two song, they were straight forward punk rock – Speak is a slow burning emo song. The vocals feel more tortured and strained than on the previous two songs which really helps convey the emotion carried in the song. If you’re a fan of Moose Blood then you will absolutely love this song.

On the EP Crash Hora Douse show a huge amount of potential as a band. They already seem to have their own unique sound worked out and have the ability to make it work in a number of different ways. I look forward to seeing where these guys go next.

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