Monday, 13 October 2014

Lyrical Content 2

Here is a second collection of lyrics that either means something to me or I just love.

Apologies, I Have None – 100 Club Tonight I’ll Sing Along To My Favourite Songs And For A Moment Feel Saved In Six Strings And Drums

Off With Their Heads – Clear The Air I Wanted To Tell You, I Wanted To Share, Some Important Details That You’re Unaware, I Want You To Listen, I Want You To Care, I’ll Choke To Death If I Don’t Clear The Air, It’s Not A Secret That I Obsess, And Then I Get Angry, And Then I Get Stressed, And You Can’t Imagine, You Can’t Compare, You Have No Frame Of Reference And Then You Get Scared, I’m Doing My Best To Help Make You See, That It’s Not Your Fault, When I’ll Beg And I’ll Plead, It’s Much Easier Just To Go Back To Sleep, We Gotta Find A Place To Start Because I’m Falling Apart

The Flatliners – Count Your Bruises Count Your Bruises One By One And Laugh It Off

ONSIND – Dissatisfactions There’s Something Wrong With Me, I Don’t Think I’ll Ever Be Okay, I Just Take It Day By Day

The Menzingers – I Don’t Wanna Be An Asshole Anymore Last Friday Night I Wasn’t Me, I Was A Still Life Trapped In Eternity, I Was The Focal Point; Out Of Focus, Out Of Ink

Dropkick Murphys – A Few Good Men Join Us In A Song, We Shall Rise And Sing Stand Up And Be Counted, Sing A Song For Liberty, Join Us In This Song, Together We Shall Sing, Rise Up And Be Counted Sing It Loud Sing It Proud

RVIVR – The Hunger Suite I. Go Away I’ve Got A Disease, The Kind That You Can’t See, But I’m Just The Same As Anybody

The Ergs! – Introducing Morrisey Life Is Long When You’re Lonely

Frank Turner – I Knew Prufrock Before He Got Famous Life Is About Love, Last Minutes and Lost Evenings, About Fire In Our Bellies And Furtive Little Feelings, And The Aching Amplitudes That Set Our Needles All A-Flickering, And Help Us To Remember That The Only Thing That’s Left To Do Is Live

Great Cynics – Letting Go Nothing Ever Matters If You Don’t Let It Matter, So I Tell Myself it’s True, I Never Thought I’d Do Half The Things I’d Do, But I Don’t Let It Get Me Down

Gnarwolves – Limerence Take My Fucking Hand And Let Me Introduce Myself, I Am The Bastard Son Of Everyone I Love

Masked Intruder – The Most Beautiful Girl I’ve Been Around The Whole Wide World, Bet I’ve Seen A Million Girls, Never Seen One Half As Cute As You

Bouncing Souls – Never Say Die/When You’re Young When You’re Young, Write Your Songs, Take Your Time, Stay Strong, Hold On, Don’t Grow Old, Hang Onto Your Heart, Stay Close To Your Soul, Hold On

Less Than Jake – Overated (Everything Is) Everybody’s Too Afraid To Be Different, Please Excuse Me Now If I Don’t Listen

Morning Glory – Punx Not Dead, I Am I Am Not Dead Yet, I Am Not Done, There’s Still So Much Here Under The Sun, So Many Songs That Are Yet Unsung, I Am Not Dead, I Am Not Dead, I Am Not Done

Broadway Calls – Save Our Ship We Live The Dream That Makes Life Worth Living, We Live The Dream That Makes Dreamers Keep Dreaming, If I Had To Give It Up Today,Would I Be Able To Just Walk Away? I Have The Strength Of A Hundred Men, I Have The Mind Of A Goddamn Genius, I Have A Heart That Never Leaves Me Cold, But It Would Break If I Were Left Alone, You Are My Friends, You Are My Family, You’re More Than This, You Are My Everything

American Steel – Smile On Me I Don’t Wanna Feel The Hurt No More, Smile On Me Baby

Against Me! – Those Anarcho Punks Are Mysterious And We Rock Because It’s Us Against Them, We Found Our Own Reasons To Sing

Dear Landlord – Three To The Beach We’re Not The Hopeless, We’re Not As Fucked As You Think, In Short Lived Moments We Can Do Anything

Long Shot Hero – Wasted On Arrival What The Fuck Is Potential? I’ll Do What I Believe In, In A Society That Makes Me Wanna Puke, I Let My Guard Down One Too Many Times, So Sick Of Falling Back Down And Having To Get Back Up Again

Modern Baseball – The Weekend You Got A Smile That Could Light This Town And We Might Need It, Cause It Gets Dark Around Here, Real Dark Around Here

The Smith Street Band – When I Was A Boy I Thought I Was A Fish I'd Like To Thank The Things I've Seen, The Friends I've Made, All The People That Have Hurt Me, The Times I've Been Saved And To The Music, Which Has Made Me It's Most Obliging Slave

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