Thursday, 30 October 2014

Album Review: Death Is Our Client by The Twin Dracula

When the opening riffs of the first song on The Twin Dracula’s new EP Death Is Our Client kick in you know straight away your about to get rocked. Nom De Plume sets out the stall for what the Reading based band are all about. Intense, fast, hard and aggressive music with absolutely no compromise.

Nom De Plume has a reasonably lengthy musical intro which leads to a great feeling on anticipation when the vocals hit you. When they do it feels like getting smashed in the face with a brick, but in a really great way (if there is such a thing). The vocals are delivered quickly during the verses, keeping up the intense feel of the song whilst the chorus have more of a hook to them to give everyone a chance to sing with the band. Midway through Nom De Plume the band break it down before finishing with a big intense finale.

The second track Occultimate Warrior ramps the aggression up a couple more notches. This is technical hardcore punk rock at its finest. The speed in which the guitars are played is fantastic and really give the song a great amount of energy. At just over two minutes long the song is the shortest by some way on the release but that doesn’t matter. It fits everything it needs to into those two minutes. I really like the atmospheric gang vocals at the end of the song.

Death Is Our Client finishes off with Newtown Jazz Revival. This song has a bit more of an alternative rock feeling to it. Starting out with a bass line before the whole band join make the song instantly recognisable. The vocal on this track are different to the first two songs, it’s more of a slow and deliberate delivery as opposed to the fast, intense and aggressive nature we had heard previously. The use of gang vocals on the chorus is great, gives a fantastic sense of tightness within the band. I really enjoyed the break down towards the end of the song, allowing the band to show off all their musical skill whilst the singer shows off some more of his excellent vocal range.

Death Is Our Client is a very strong release from Twin Dracula. Bandcamp tells me that this is their third release since May 2014, if they can continue to churn out efforts as good as this at such a rate you will see very big things from this band.

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