Thursday, 31 January 2019

Top Tens: Question The Mark's Top Ten Punk Rock Influences

Descendents / ALL

I think it's probably expected to see these guys on a Punk Rock Top Ten List but I was torn between these or the Ramones and I only had one choice left. We've listened to Milo Goes to College a few times recently while in the van – it never gets old, a true classic. (Tim)

The punk rock gateway drug of some of ours and many others youth. Everyone likes a bit of classic NOFX, don't they? (Lewis / Tim)

The Bouncing Souls
Anthems for days, always play a blinder live. I remember seeing them play TJ's in Newport, that was a special time. That place influenced a few of us growing up just as much as the bands did. It was the place where most of the touring punk bands would play when they came through Wales. We miss it. (Lewis / Tim)

A Wilhelm Scream
A constant on my playlists since the early 2000s. Effortlessly technical, but never at the cost of class songwriting or lyrical wit. Pure carnage live and lovely dudes to boot. (Rob)

Idle Will Kill was the first punk rock album which really spoke to me. I will never get through the whole damn thing without singing along. They were fast and smart and cynical and didn't just write what people wanted to hear. (Rob)

Senseless Things
Morgan Nicholls is a phenomenal bassist and Mark Keds is a genius songwriter. They showed what can be achieved through hard work and a strong DIY ethic. Whilst they have all gone on to play in other bands over the years, the Senseless Things are still something special, as they showed at their two reunion shows last year. I was able to get to their London show and was blown away. I had seen them many times in my youth and I was so glad I could jump around like a loon and sing along with all the pop kids one more time. (Rich)

If I had enough money, I'd spend my days spam posting Tiltwheel records through strangers’ letterboxes. (Tim)

I first heard them when a friend suggested I go check them out when they played at Le Pub in Newport and I've loved them ever since. No Matter Where We go was always on in the van when we first started out and quite rightfully so – it's a belter. (Tim)

Hot Water Music
We've been compared to them quite a bit in the past which is no surprise as they've been on heavy rotation across multiple audio devices of mine for a few years and were definitely a mutual influence of the band’s first line up. The album "No Division" is one of my all time favourite records. (Tim)

The Take
Whilst we were putting this Top Ten together it occured to me that we have a lot of US influences and being a Welsh band I thought we should include the one Welsh band that both myself and Tim would agree stands out above all others – and we’ve had a lot of bands come out of Wales over the years.
To me, The Take’s debut album ‘Propeller’ (on Household Name – find it and check it out) is a masterpiece. The songwriting and musicianship is top drawer and having put the guys on many times, and seen them play pretty much since their inception as Fishtake back in the late ’90s, they are hands down still my favourite Welsh band. (Rich)

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