Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Album Review: We Are Disaster by Boom! Civil War (by Emma Prew)

Happy New Year! You read my top ten albums of 2018 list, right? Then you’ll know that my number one album was by the now sadly defunct Australian folk punk band, The Suicide Tuesdays. The band broke up in the summer but it turns out Suicide Tuesdays’ frontman Joe Guiton has a new project that he’s been working on more recently. Obviously I was excited to hear whatever new material Joe had, so when he sent over three new songs by Boom! Civil War in the form of their debut EP, We Are Disaster, I couldn’t wait to hit play.

First up is a song titled Breathe It In. With its slow and building start, this track is reminiscent of The Suicide Tuesdays as I expected it might be. That said, it’s definitely more electric with the sound getting bigger and bigger as the song progresses. Breathe It In reflects on how the past year has been tough – a year to forget – but the overall theme of the song is about not wanting to give up just yet. There are some extra backing vocals at certain points throughout the track which does a great job of showing that you’re not alone if you are feeling this way. In fact, the lyrics themselves use ‘we’ rather than ‘I’ – this is about more than just Joe’s own personal feelings. What a great start. The next offering from Boom! Civil War is super upbeat and melodic from the outset, featuring one of the catchiest guitar riffs I’ve heard in some time. A Letter To Wombat is quite strikingly different to the first song of this EP – it’s faster, it’s punkier I guess but it’s also more obviously positive in sentiment. The song is about always being there for someone when they need you – ‘So don’t hesitate to turn up at my door, You know I’ve got your back…’ The chorus is what really makes this good song a great one however – it’s huge-sounding and will have you wanting to throw your fists in the air on your first listen. Last but not least is My Life Didn’t Start ’Til I Met You. Now, you can probably tell from its title that this is a bit of a love song but what you can’t tell from the title is just how wonderful this song is. It’s not a soppy love as such song but instead reflects on the feeling that, no matter how troubled and complicated your life might seem at any given moment, that one special person can make it all okay – ‘You’re the only thing that’s made sense, Of this chaos built around me…’. Guest vocals from Vetty Vials give us an insight into the other side of the story and add to the intensity of emotion. So damn good!

I can’t even pick a favourite or standout track because all three here are outstanding. I’m so glad that Joe Guiton didn’t decide to call it a day completely on music after his last band didn’t work out because We Are Disaster by Boom! Civil War is every bit as good as what came before it.

We Are Disaster will be available on Bandcamp and Apple Music from 23rd January. Check out Boom! Civil War on Facebook for more details.

This review was written by Emma Prew.

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