Friday, 4 May 2018

Interview: Mitch from Sweet Diego (by Dan Peters)

Sweet Diego, are relatively new on the scene – female fronted pop punk outfit from Birmingham with a fun sound yet thoughtful lyrics. They’ve recently released their second EP, The After Party, and I caught up with Mitch from the band to get some info on them and the new record.

Dan: There’s a lot of Quaid members in Sweet Diego, but the sound is markedly different. Was the plan when creating Sweet Diego to be a separate entity from The Real Quaid?

Mitch: Truth be told, it was the addition of Diana on vocals that makes us sound so different. She opened our ears to the newer type of pop punk and emo which is beneficial to how we write songs now.

Dan: Any particular influences you lean on?

Mitch: Me, Adam and Mike are still heavily influenced by Green Day, Teenage Bottlerocket, NOFX, Lagwagon and similar bands. Diana is influenced by anyone from and between Justin Bieber to PUP.

Dan: Hahaha, that's a hell of a spectrum.

Dan: Talk me through the meanings behind the songs, for such upbeat rhythms the lyrics are a touch on the dark side.

Mitch: I think with Diana her writing ability is very unique, especially for how young she really is. Our songs are about dealing with the pressures of growing up and finding yourself through love and failed relationships, moving from London to Birmingham to study or even online gaming to a certain extent. Small Steps is a personal favourite because it's about being stuck in a difficult place and trying to get yourself out of it.

Dan: Yeah I really like that one too. I was pissed to have missed you in New Cross for Düg Stock. Are you planning any more trips back down south soon?

Mitch: Nothing has been planned as of yet, mainly because all four of us have so much going on this year outside of the band. I'd love to play down south a lot more. I made so many amazing friends through various shows that The Real Quaid played. I'm sure we will back down later this year.

Dan: How about any other gigs planned?

Mitch: So far were supporting the amazing Get Dead in Stafford on 22nd April with our good friends Aerial Salad and Shackleford, who everyone should check out. After that we're playing Redditch on May 5th with Skiv, Swan Prince and Swaktang which should be a belter.

Dan: Awesome. It's great that you guys have something brand new to show off. I know you've always been an ambitious lot, any plans yet for a full length?

Oh, we are so proud of the second EP and how it turned out. A full length would be great to do – despite us having great songs already, I believe that we've still got a lot more in our locker in terms of writing songs.

Dan: Hells yeah. Right I won't keep you anymore. Before we wrap up do you have any shoutouts?

Mitch: Big love to Shackleford, Triple Sundae, Eat Dirt, On a Hiding to Nothing, the guys at Umlaut, Rob Piper from Darko/Lockjaw Records, Swan Prince, Mark Deans, Paul Smith, Black Market Beat, Kiss Me Killer and Our Lives in Cinema. Also thanks to everyone who has come out to see us, bought merch or even took the risk of putting us on. You're all rad and we love you.

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This interview was conducted by Dan Peters.

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