Sunday, 8 April 2018

Album Review: Nap All Day, Sleep All Night, Party Never by Fintan Stack

Fintan Stack are a new punk rock band from London who will soon be releasing their debut single Nap All Day, Sleep All Night, Party Never along with the B-side I'm Done. Now normally I'm not so keen on reviewing singles but, after giving the songs a spin, I knew I had to! This is some seriously fantastic punk rock music that needs to be heard by all of you, and your families, and your mates, and that person across from you on the train, and your boss, and the person in the toilet cubicle next to you. Seriously - everyone!

As soon as I first heard the opening of Nap All Day, Sleep All Night, Party Never I knew this was going to be really incredible. Starting out with a great guitar riff over some simple pounding drums before some clean punk vocals come in, I can already imagine a big crowd singing every word back at the band. From there things just get better and better. When the second vocalist joins, I'm in love. These harmonies are just wonderful. The song is crafted brilliantly with subtle tempo shifts, big hooks, catchy choruses and an incredible build towards its finale that will blow you away. It's not often you hear punk bands with two vocalists as good as Fintan Stack. Their voices do that thing of not only meshing together brilliantly but also contrasting each other so well. What a song this is!

I'm Done continues in the same vein as Nap All Day, Sleep All Night, Party Never. The vocals steal the show but the quality of the musicianship cannot be ignored. With both of these songs it feel as if Fintan Stack are determined to take the listener on a rollercoaster ride with their music. The tempo feels like it has risen on I'm Done as the band thunder through the track. The short harmony section at the song's conclusion - you probably won't hear a more beautiful part of a song all year. I mean - WOWZERS! I'm Done is about being fed up with the town where you live and wanting to get away and start again. I'm sure we've all been there.

I have the pleasure of getting to check out a lot of new bands doing CPRW and I can say in all honesty as someone who gets really excited about a lot of bands that I can't remember the last time was this excited. When reviewing a new band the thing to do is to compare them to some of their contemporaries but I can't really think of a band that sounds that much like Fintan Stack to do that. There is a brilliant freshness about them that is all too rare. Basically if you can hear a little bit I will say that you'll love them, if you have perfect hearing in both ears you probably won't want to listen to any other bands for a while - just Fintan Stack. Seriously this is phenomenal, excellent, brilliant, exquisite, magnificent, outstanding and all the over words that mean the same thing!

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This review was written by Colin Clark.