Monday, 12 February 2018

Album Review: Aching Waits by Reunions

Reunions are a four piece punk rock band from San Francisco, California. In January the band, who are influenced by the likes of Jawbreaker, Hot Water Music and Banner Pilot, put out their second EP titled Aching Waits on La Escalera Records. I've been a fan of most things La Escalera have put out over the past couple of years so eagerly checked out Reunions.

First up on Aching Waits is the song Head North. What we have here is a mid-tempo melodic punk song. Whenever I hear bands like Reunions, I think it's mature punk for adults rather than the bratty in your face punk we loved in our youth. The track is about feeling the need to run away but ultimately deciding it's best to stay where you are. I believe this urge to run is due to the current political state that the United States is dealing with at the moment and thinking that moving to Canada or Mexico would be a better idea. Following this is Deep Red. On Deep Red you discover that Reunions have two different vocalists. On Aching Waits the vocals are sung in a deeper, raspy style but on Deep Red we have more of a poppy style. I loved the section on Deep Red when both vocalists take turns delivering lines - it sounds incredible. This song has such a great sound and I feel like it must be great when played live as there are plenty of moments for those wonderful fist-in-the-air sing-a-long moments we all love.

The third song is the EP's title track, Aching Waits. With Aching Waits the band return to the mature punk style they played so well on the opening song Head North. I feel like there is a real accessibility to Reunions - the punks will love them and I can also see fans of a more mainstream rock sound will also enjoy them if they give them a chance. Aching Waits is about struggling with anxiety and not being able to control it. The song builds towards a big, passionate finale where the singer really puts a lot of emotion into the final couple of lines. The final song, Breathing Like A Hold Up is another that looks at the issues of mental health and anxiety. There is a feeling of epicness in the song that has a few high and low points, just like a rollercoaster. The band time these different sections perfectly, knowing when exactly to take you to the highest points and then bring you back down. I particularly liked the final part of the song where things get quiet and the vocals become soft and then… KAPOW! we get the final big build towards the song and the EP's conclusion.

La Escalera Records always put out such fantastic punk rock and Aching Waits by Reunions is no exception. Like I said, it's more of a mature and adult punk rock style and is really enjoyable. Us punk rockers all have to mature at some point but, fear not, there is still brilliant punk rock music out there for us.

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This review was written by Colin Clark.