Thursday, 2 November 2017

Top Tens: Rafael from Shinjoku Riot's Top Ten Punk Rock Influences

1. Los Crudos
My favorite punk band. In Spanish. Short, aggresive songs that speak out against injustices against Latino immigrants in the United States

2. Saves The Day
One of my favorite bands since high school. Through Being Cool and Stay What You Are are two perfect albums. Full of emo pop punk.

3. The Clash
The only band that mattered. Need I say more?

4. Dillinger Four
Brilliantly crafted punk songs sometimes with brilliant sarcasm.

5. Latterman
The band that made me wanna start a band. No Matter Where We Go is my favorite album of all time.

6. PUP
One of my favorite newish bands. Put on a great show and they are so talented.

7. Dashboard Confessional
Emo pop punk stripped down with powerful lyrics and melodies.

8. Ben Kweller
My favorite singer songwriter, so talented and catchy.

9. Minor Threat
Band that inspired me to do whatever I wanna do regardless of what anyone thinks.

10. Descendents
The kings of pop punk.

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