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Future Classic: The Voice Of Treason by Faintest Idea

Future classic time again. This time we're looking at Faintest Idea's third album The Voice Of Treason. Over the past few years Faintest Idea have become one of the big hitters in the UK punk scene due to their incredible live show and back catalogue of great songs. If I were to try and single out a big landmark in the musical career of Faintest Idea it has to be the release of The Voice Of Treason, hence why it is my choice for a Future Classic.

I first became aware of Faintest Idea sometime between the release of their second album Ignorance Is This and The Voice Of Treason. I'm not sure how exactly I became aware of them but I instantly became hooked on their blend of street punk and ska and began to listen to Ignorance Is This and particularly the song 2 Years Conscription - the lyric "If You're Not Pissed Off Then You're Not Paying Attention" is superb. Then the band announced the release of The Voice Of Treason and accompanied that with videos for brand new tracks Youth and Bull In A China Shop. I was stoked. This was going to be the best thing ever. After seeing them for the first time supporting The Toasters at the Waterfront in Norwich, I picked up a CD and it became a permanent fixture in my listening habits.

The Voice Of Treason starts off with what has become Faintest Idea's trademark live show opening …Back To The Asylum. When playing live, the Faintest Idea horn section start the set in the crowd and blast the now classic brass melody. I challenge anyone to hear it and not be humming it for days afterwards. It's a perfect song to get a crowd warmed up and it's an even better way to start an album.

Many of the songs on The Voice Of Treason are still a big staple of the Faintest Idea live set and probably get the biggest reactions of any. The aforementioned Bull In A China Shop and Youth are potentially the most popular of all. Bull In A China Shop is just a great party song. With an instantly danceable tune and a chorus that you can pick up easier than learning how to play snap. Once you get through the first chorus you'll be singing along like you've heard it a thousand times. As fun as the song is it's actually about a serious topic. It's about feeling as if you're in the minority with trying to stand up and make a change. Youth is another hugely danceable song that, if you've got the energy for shouting along alongside some fast paced skanking, I predict you'll definitely lose your voice too.

The album also features other classics such as House Of Cards, Mutual Aid, 36 Barrels, These Words Are Our Weapons and Battling The Cage. These are more songs you'll be dancing and singing until you have no strength left in your body. They're also all songs that will make you think, teach you things and hopefully empower you. Like many punk bands Faintest Idea try to spread their own political message to the masses and as fun as the music is I've always found that their own particular messages are what sets them apart from many of their contemporaries in the scene. This is protest music. It's about getting an organised group together to learn and fight for the things that matter to them. And if you can have a great time whilst you're learning and whilst your fighting well that's just even better, isn't it?

If you're a fan of UK punk and ska then The Voice Of Treason should be an essential album in your collection.

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This Future Classic was nominated by Colin Clark.

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