Thursday, 20 July 2017

Top Tens: Aerial Salad's Top Ten Punk Rock Influences

Top Ten 'Punk' influences in no order. No calling out my choices for not being punk enough. It was very hard to leave out Sir Elton John.

You take your car to work. I'll take my board. Pinkerton is maybe one of the best albums ever written. I adore Rivers' songwriting, even though sometimes his lyrics make me cringe. 'I want a girl who will laugh for no one else'?! Chill out, son.

Green Day 1989–1996
What a shock that the band everyone compares us to are massively important to me. Yes, I fooookin love Kerplunk. Some of the most incredible songwriting ever. The melodies make me wanna cry, most of the songs do. Christie Road is THE most important song in my life. When I was in high school there was a field near a train line where me and all my mates would get stoned. We used to jokingly call it Christie Road but in actual fact it was somewhere near Ramsbottom in Bury – haha. There was a park near there (big up nutty P) and if I’d walk the extra long 2 hour walk home from my job at Maccies I’d go through it. On my last shift there, before moving to uni, I went the long way. I sat in the park alone, had a joint and listened to Christie Road in the rain and cried – knowing I'd never go back their again.

Fave band ever. At Rebellion 2016, Milo breifly put the mic in my face during Thank You. Through Whale-eqsue crying, I blurted out the chorus. Banging.

The actual band I try to sound a bit like. 24 Hour Revenge is incredible.

Wonk Unit
Before Alex managed my bands, I knew a now ex guitar player in Wonk who I’d do loads of drugs with. But that's not why they're a major influence. It’s because of Alex’s beautiful poet-like songwriting. He’s ma hero. Wonk Unit fucking rule!

My mate Jordan plays in this fucking RAD hardcore band from Manchester. Constantly preserving through roadblocks and always having fun. I love his band and they inspire me to have FUN.

The Sex Pistols
When I was 14–16, I was Johnny Rotten. My into to punk and in all seriousness a fucking killer band. RUINED by John Lydon being a c*nt. Fuck him and his racist butter pushing sexist demeanour.

Operation Ivy

The Stone Roses
I know they’re not punk but fuck you they are one of my fave bands ever and are MASSIVELY influential on my songwriting.

The Flatliners
The first band I ever saw live. Bombed 1 gram of mdma and had the best nights of my life. Chris, after Daddy Wonk, is my hero.

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