Thursday, 2 March 2017

Top Tens: Riskee and the Ridicule's Top Ten Punk Rock Influences

1. My top inspiration is the daily struggles in life. I love pain, anger, heartache, insecurities etc. because I've learned to channel them into something positive. Whether that's music or just trying to learn, progress and make myself a better person. - Scott Picking (Vocals)

2. I have a lot of time for the people who understand what we're doing. Fans of our band are so important and being a DIY band, we have the time and freedom to talk to every single one of them - which I love. Handwriting a few hundred notes to accompany our new album Blame Culture over a few beers as a band was really cool (even if it makes you nearly lose your mind!) That's what it's all about really, investing time in the people who have time for you. It's an awesome feeling chatting to someone who has never seen you play live before yet has travelled sometimes 600 miles to catch a half hour slot. Blows my mind and I will never not be grateful to those people. - Matt Verrell (Drums)

3. Seeing other bands doing great things. Whether I listen to them or not - I like to see underground bands coming up and doing well for themselves. It shows there's hope if you work hard enough. - Scott Picking (Vocals)

4. Social media is inspirational because it has helped in waking people up. People are sourcing their own information and news and yes, it's a double-edged sword where there can be misinformation, but it's also got people thinking and questioning far more than they may have been previously. For too long the average person has been taught by the news and tabloid nonsense. This generation is going to rule the world. - Scott Picking (Vocals)

5. Local and underground scenes across the country, and world, for that matter. Seeing people putting on shows constantly for bands to play and be promoted via is incredible. These pockets of of really exciting live, underground music all around are so inspirational. - Dave Thomas (Bass)

6. Punk Rock. The first band I saw which made me wake up and want to be a part of something different were MxPx and that was at the Electric Ballroom. I was right at the front opposite Mike (Bass/Vocals) and every moment had me hooked. I started a band playing bass and singing from that moment on. These days, I love the entire spectrum from pop-punk and easycore to hardcore and oi, there's something good in all of it. I'm really proud that Riskee and the Ridicule incorporates the catchy and fun side with a serious message behind it. It covers all bases for me. - Matt Verrell (Drums)

7. Going to watch live music is a big thing for me, just as networking is too. If you don't go and watch other bands outside of what you're doing yourself, then what's the point? I like the sense of community within the scenes we're in - everyone has each other's best interests at heart and are usually really down to earth. Also, if you don't get out there and scope what's happening on the local circuit then you never fully get an idea of the sheer talent and ideals of the other musicians doing what you're doing. The people who have a low audience attendance at their shows often wonder why, this is the reason. - Matt Verrell (Drums)

8. Working in a dull, dead end job. It may sound weird and the cliché of not being able to appreciate the highs without struggling through the lows, definitely rings true. The most creative moments for me are when my mind is doing the same thing all day everyday, I find myself writing the best drum patterns in this kind of situation. It also obviously makes you want "it" so much more - you look forward to letting loose and playing with your best friends. - Matt Verrell (Drums)

9. Connor McGregor. Everyone said he couldn't do it and when he did do it, they said it was a fluke. Situations like this display how people's perceptions mean nothing and I find that incredibly liberating. - Scott Picking (Vocals)

10. I can't understand how in 2017 people are still listening to hate speech, media lies and scaremongering. We, as a band, have always been about equality, unity, peace and love for the human race. We reinforced this on the new album by including an older spoken word piece which Scott did call "Colours", highlighting the fact that the colour of a person's skin means never judging a book by its cover. In the wake of Trump's Presidency, there has been a platform given to neo-nazi's and bigots, which allows more idiots to then jump on and exact their own warped views. It's not only wrong but incredibly outdated. Anything we can do to help change people's opinion on something so important and to spread equality and love is crucial in my eyes. - Matt Verrell (Drums)

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