Friday, 3 March 2017

Column: Australian Punk Rock (Part One)

Over the past couple of years I've been discovering more and more amazing punk bands coming out of Australia. Whilst being nowhere near an expert on that scene it seems to be that it's as strong as ever, so I thought it might be a fun idea to showcase some of those amazing bands on Colin's Punk Rock World. I discovered so many fantastic bands whilst doing the research for this post that I decided to split it into two parts. I'm sure if I had done even more research it could easily become a three, four or even five part post but that would be silly.

I have also decided to leave out established legends of Australian punk suck as Frenzal Rhomb, The Living End and Bodyjar, as well as acts like The Smith Street Band and The Bennies who we have already featured a lot on this blog. I've had a great time listening to all these bands so I hope that you also find some new favourites!

Alex The Kid

Alex The Kid are a five piece from Geraldton and Perth in Western Australia. Playing a brand of melodic punk rock with more of a hardcore vocal style similar to Strike Anywhere, they will get a live crowd moshing and shouting along in equal measure. Check out Vinyls from the album Speak Up which was released by Pee Records in 2016.


Blindspot are a four piece band that formed in 2011 in Perth. Playing fast paced skate punk, Blindspot already have six releases under their belt. Clearly drawing influences from 90s skate punk legends such as Pennywise, Millencolin and Frenzal Rhomb, Blindspot appear to be song writing machines. Check out You're So Phoney from the EP of the same name.

Burning Fiction

Another band from Perth, Burning Fiction are a five piece playing no thrills melodic punk rock. I particularly enjoy the variation in vocals, sometimes singing with a hint of pop and sometimes letting out some primal screams, it's hard to guess what's coming next with Burning Fiction. Check out Mr Frothington from the album Contrast.

Chinese Burns Unit

Chinese Burns Unit are a group from Australia that features Frenzal Rhomb's legendary frontman Jay Whalley. The five piece play a straightforward style of punk rock with pop hooks. There is a fresh and easy listening vibe to their sound that sets them apart from many of their contemporaries. Check out Thrown Into The Ocean from their self-titled LP.

Dan Cribb & The Isolated

When I was researching for this blog I discovered that Dan Cribb is the former frontman of The Decline - we're all learning in this column. Dan Cribb & The Isolated's debut album, As We Drift Apart, features Nick Diener of The Swellers and borrows from the 90s punk rock that we all love so much. Check out Return To Sender from As We Drift Apart.

Dune Rats

Brisbane's Dune Rats are a three piece band who have just released their brand new album, The Kids Will Know It's Bullshit. Playing a fun and very danceable style of indie punk this band certainly know how to write a catchy song. Check out the brilliant Bullshit from the new album.

Freak Wave

Freak Wave are a band from Melbourne featuring former members of Kill Whitey and A Death In The Family, among others. Playing fuzzy, indie pop punk there is a great rawness to their music. There is also a lot of heart and emotion poured into the songs that make it impossible not to get hooked on. Check out Cat And The Cow from 2014's Don't Let Me Down.


Adelaide's Hightime have played shows with some of the biggest punk bands in the world since their formation in 2009, taking influence from many of them. Mixing the worlds of punk, ska and hardcore music into one potent mix that will make a party explode into life. Hightime are a band destined for massive things very soon. Check out Tear Us Apart from 2015's Mother Crab LP.

Laura Palmer

A band that have already been featured on this blog earlier the year, Laura Palmer are a three piece from Melbourne. They play punk rock in a similar style to Iron Chic - that mid-tempo, melodic sing-along style that I love so much. Check out All The Way from this year's All The Way/Blue Pills EP.

Local Resident Failure

Local Resident Failure are a band that have been making waves all other the world with their unique brand of skate punk. Having already played shows all over Europe and America, the Newcastle based four piece are picking up more fans every day. Check out Where The Bloody Hell Are Ya? from A Breath Of Stale Air.

The Meanies

The Meanies formed in Melbourne way back in 1989 and have gigged steadily ever since. They play some straight to the point, no thrills punk rock that doesn't take itself too seriously. After a break of twenty one years without putting out a new album they released Cover Their Tracks in 2014 and It's Not Me, It's You in 2015. Check out There's A Gap from It's Not Me, It's You.

Paper Arms

Paper Arms a four piece from Adelaide who formed in 2008. Playing a raw and fierce emotional punk rock music, they are a band that can cross over to many genres and still stand out. Being signed to Poison City in Australia and Uncle M in Europe, the band are already making a big name for themselves and deservedly so. Check out Wake And Run from Great Mistakes.

She's The Band

She's The Band are a five piece hardcore punk band from Adelaide signed to Pee Records. Playing fast and furious hardcore I'm reminded of UK riot girl band Petrol Girls. No prisoners are taken here as the band look to tear your face off! Check out All The While from 2013's One From The Top Shelf.

This column was written by Colin Clark.