Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Album Review: Anyone And Everyone by Colour Me Wednesday (by Emma Prew)

Colour Me Wednesday released a new 4-track EP earlier this year, titled Anyone and Everyone, on Harriet and Jen’s own Dovetown Records, plus KROD Records (France) and Wiener Records (US). I’m a little late to reviewing this, although I’ve listened to it and seen them live since its release, so better late than never eh?

The first song on Anyone And Everyone is titled Don’t Tell Anyone. It’s a track I first heard played live and I instantly liked it from my first listen – not to mention it getting stuck in my head for days. Musically it’s a soft indie pop song with infectious vocal harmonies in the chorus. Lyrically, Don’t Tell Anyone is about dealing with anxieties and doing things at a pace that is right for you. The bridge, which comes after a neat little guitar solo, particularly stood out to me – ‘I live in the last minute, I bathe and I thrive in it, And I have never been better’.

Next up is Two-Fifty For You Girls. This is a more up-beat pop punk track and is definitely one to get you nodding your head and tapping your feet along to. It sounds like a happy-go-lucky feel-good kind of track but, as is generally the way with Colour We Wednesday, the song has an important message in its lyrics. Two-Fifty For You Girls is about how some people look down on the younger (and perhaps particularly female) generation and assume that our thoughts and opinions are not valid. The chorus of the song is from the ‘older’ person’s point of view – ‘Oh to be so young and clueless, You are all the same! This wisdom may never find you, This is not a game for kids.’

Horror Story is the next track on Anyone And Everyone. This song has a somewhat bitter tone to it but that doesn’t stop it from having the typical Colour Me Wednesday catchiness. The song is about having trust issues and needing to distance yourself from other sometimes, particularly when there is difference of opinion involved. The opening lyrics are some of my favourites from this EP – ‘I don’t trust anyone, Anyone but me. I don’t trust anyone, And it’s set me free.’

The last song is called In Your Shoes and it sees Colour Me Wednesday take quite a different turn musically. It’s definitely the least punk sounding track on the EP, with more of an dreamy electronic pop vibe to it. It feels like because of the change in musical style that there is more focus on the vocals and the lyrics of the song. In Your Shoes is a song about having to deal with grief and not forgetting about the people that have made differences in your life. ‘And life marches on, Though the air is thick. I get older on the outside, People are gone like they never existed.’

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