Monday, 5 September 2016

Album Review: Sad by Kamikaze Girls

Kamikaze Girls are a two piece punk band from Leeds and London, featuring Lucinda Livingstone on vocals and guitar and Conor Dawson on drums. The duo had a new release out on the 2nd of September titled Sad, on Bearded Punk and Wiretap Records.

The opening track on Sad is named Hexes. Starting out with a fuzzy guitar intro before blending into some harder punk music. It's not long before Lucinda's vocal joins the fray. It jumps from understated to being full of venom throughout. With the venom style being used to really make a point. Hexes is about having bad luck but pretending like you don't and accepting that's life. Up next we have the song Stitches. Stitches wastes no time in getting started and has more of a pop punk feel to it. It's about struggling with a mental health issue in a relationship. The song is extremely catchy and I loved that after half a dozen listens in a row there is still plenty of new things to discover in the song. The third song on Sad is named I Hate Funerals. This tracks begins with a slow pounding sound that reminds me of grunge music. The variation in style from Stitches and I Hate Funerals is a joy to listen to. I'm impressed that a band consisting of just two members manages to make such a big, full sound on this song. Ladyfuzz is my favourite track on Sad. Kamikaze Girls go down the emo/pop punk route here and there is a real rawness to the song. The raw sound really made the track stand out to me. A lot of bands playing this style really over produce the music, which makes it feel too slick and smooth. The rawness really adds to the emotion of the track. Fantastic job. Sad is completed with the track Black Coffee. Black Coffee is a faster tempo song which begins with some distorted guitars, a simple but interesting drum beat and Lucinda's distincitive vocals before the song really gets going. Once it does get going we have another highly enjoyable fuzzy pop punk song. Lucinda's vocal go through many stages throughout the song, ranging from a clean pop style to a angry snarling screamy sound. I really liked the angry snarl and I would like to hear a few more Kamikaze Girl songs with this sound.

Sad is an EP about it being okay to feel sad. Kamikaze Girls like to use their music as a way of challenging attitudes towards mental health - as the aim of the band is to show support and solidarity with young people who are struggling with mental health problems. Kamikaze Girls are an important band in or scene and need to be heard.

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