Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Album Review: Pour Out by These Minds (by Dan Peters)

I’ve come to relish receiving promos in the (e)mail from Disconnect Disconnect Records. They’ve been putting some really quality music into the world with the likes of Bottler and Larrakia and also putting on killer touring bands like The Decline. A promo from them, even if I haven’t heard of the band before is like a Nintendo seal of Quality.

So it came to be that I found myself listening to Pour Out by These Minds. I popped that bad boy in fired up In My Way which in it’s own way started with riffs, rhythm and vocals that instantly told me “you’re gonna be listening to some pop punk here”. Take that as you will, and if you’re not a fan of gruff pop punk then you will instantly know you’ve come to the wrong place and you can move on, no harm, no foul. If like me you live and breath pop punk then you’ll probably find this to be a solid fun opener which is well crafted and while it holds to genre staples stands out enough to be interesting.

After that, much to my delight, things speed up. I’m a sucker for fast punk rock and this has a breakneck opening before falling back into what after a few minutes I’ve picked out as the These Minds signature sound. Things continue on much in this same way for the rest of the EP. These Minds have nailed their formula down and they know what works. Nothing here is over produced or sickly but at the same time it is lovingly crafted and expertly delivered. Sometimes I don’t want to hear something blazingly original, I want to hear a genre I know and love played as well as it can be. This is what you get here.

If you like gruff pop punk then this will definitely be for you, as it is for me. Once again Disconnect Disconnect have added a fearsome good record onto their books and helped cement themselves as a label much worth paying attention to.

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