Thursday, 26 May 2016

Top Tens: Hope Thackray of Fierce Morgan's Top Ten Female Guitar Players

Hope Thackray, guitarist from Fierce Morgan has put together this list of her favourite female guitar players.

1. Sulynn Hago - Propagandhi
It's no secret that Propagandhi are the extreme riff-lords of the world of punk rock. The people who brought you such influential albums like Today's Empires, Tomorrow's Ashes and How to Clean Everything, coupled with the newer, more progressive Supporting Caste and Failed States brought in this female powerhouse just last year but she has already cemented herself in the history of the band. Plus, if she's good enough for the guys in Propagandhi, do I even need to say anything else?

2. Laura-Jane Grace - Against Me!
For many, including myself, Reinventing Axl Rose is one of the most pivotal albums of modern times, pushing forward that signature thrash-folk sound into the mainstream culture. As a result of this, this list would be incomplete without the mastermind behind them, Laura-Jane Grace (who I hold to be one of the most inspirational women on the planet!)

3. Joan Jett
Possibly the most influential woman in Punk Rock. Not only was she a ripping vocalist, her iconic take on "I Love Rock 'n' Roll" came to be the most well known version of the track (a lot of people crediting HER as the writer!) Rarely seen without her signature Gibson Melody Maker, she's still shredding away, recently featuring her guitar-work on Foo Fighters' latest album, Sonic Highways.

4. Laura Nichol - Heartsounds
It's no secret that I'm a sucker for some good, honest skate punk, and Heartsounds are as skate punk as they come. Laura Nichol brings all the fast palm-muting, double time goodness that this genre demands, and seals it with heavenly harmonies alongside their other guitarist/vocalist, Ben Murray.

5. Nancy Hornburg - War On Women

Before Sulynn Hago joined Propagandhi, I saw War On Women support them at Corporation in Sheffield. They were a scrappy, thrashy, punky mess, and with 3/5s of their band female, were doing very well at holding up against gender stereotypes. Nancy Hornburg has well established herself as a fine hardcore axewoman in my eyes.

6. Nancy Wilson - Heart

Okay, so not necessarily a punk guitarist, but, during the 70s, Heart pushed aside the gender roles in music and provided some solid rock jams courtesy of their guitarist, Nancy Wilson. And, to me, that is pretty punk rock.

7. Becky Blomfield - Milk Teeth

Taking it from the 70s to a more current setting, Milk Teeth have been making waves in the modern punk scenes since their debut in 2013. Becky Blomfield takes centre stage as lead vocalist and bassist, tearing through tour after tour.

8.Kristin Hersh - Throwing Muses
If you never listened to Throwing Muses, were you ever really alive in the 90s? Opening for the likes of The Pixies, and with members going on to create The Breeders, Throwing Muses were the epitome of 90s post-punk. Kristin went on to have a solid solo career, with lyrics touching some groundbreaking topics including the loss of custody of her son and childbirth. And what's more punk rock than real life?

9. Reba Meyers - Code Orange
Formally known as Code Orange Kids, Reba is pushing true boundaries in hardcore punk, a genre seemingly dominated by male influence. This band is as heavy as you can get, complete with hair windmilling and a good ol' mosh, riffs being provided by Reba and, at times, a hefty scream or two.

10. Iona Cairns - Great Cynics

Having just finished a massive tour with Jeff Rosenstock, Great Cynics have been hot on the scene for a while now, with Iona slamming it on bass, but also jamming with the guys in Shit Present. If you haven't heard either of these bands, you probably need to fix that immediately!

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