Thursday, 11 February 2016

Top Tens: Werecats Top Ten Punk Rock Influences

Here are London based four piece Werecats top ten punk rock influences. 

Radioactivity – Fucking amazing. Just anything written by Jeff Burke I'm gonna end up listening to a lot. Fast hi hat too which always wins me over. (Stu)

Radical Dance Faction – They sing about sombre things but only ever in dark spine-tingly way. Werecats can sing about sombre-murdery things too but always in a spine-chillingly happy way. (Cil)

Guantanamo Baywatch – Really great classic 50/60s garage rock and roll sound. Not trying to be anything new or different but they have great songs and energy. I’ve listened to their album "Chest Crawl" so much this year. (Stu)

Mean Jeans – I picked Mean Jeans cuz they sing about the most important things in life which I can relate to, like getting stoned, eating pizza, drinking beer and partying. They also cover relevant issues like running out of cigarettes and how crummy the world is. (Pippa)

Autonomads – Thoughtful, passionate, punk as fuck lyrics and catchy, dub-inflected (sometimes) tunes, but with way more depth and imagination than I am getting across. Totally DIY, fantastic live and lovely folks. I am never far from their second album “One Day…” (Mike)

Wonk Unit – Because Alex is a lyrical genius and absolutely no-one else sounds like them. And because Alex puts on the amazing WonkFest every year full of great new bands, and also punk rock barbecues. We all have so much love for the Wonkers. (All of us!)

Lipstick Homicide – We played with them at the end of 2014, the gigs we saw them play on that tour confirmed beyond a doubt that LH are pretty much one of the best bands ever. Super catchy tunes that take influences from all over the place, amazing harmonies and they absolutely kick ass live. (All of us!)

The Muffs – Kim Shattuck! KIM SHATTUCK!! Those tunes, that voice! We all went to see the Pandoras recently and were starstruck. The Muffs are every single good thing in one place. (Cil)

The Griswalds – Orpington pop punkers who I've been playing gigs with for 14 years! Sad that they are finally calling it a day but so excited for their final gig cuz it's gonna be the best party ever! Such a great band, one Werecat has "Griswalds" tattooed on their arse! Can you guess which one? (All of us!)

Petrol Girls – I love this band. Lyrically they go straight to the heart of the important topics in an articulate and imaginative way, and they absolutely walk the walk. Quite aside from this, their music is a thrilling and inventive rush of Dischord-inflected angular punk with tunes that stick in the head. I love this band, and if you haven’t heard them, you need to. (Mike)

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