Monday, 22 February 2016

Album Review: Scared Of Everything by The Run Up

The Run Up are a five-piece punk rock band from Bristol. In December 2015 they released a brand new EP titled Scared Of Everything via Paper + Plastik, with 100% of the money raised being donated to the humanitarian crisis that is ongoing in Northern France.

The opening song is Feels Like Yesterday. It's a mid-tempo, gruff-voiced punk rock song that is about reacquainting with old friends and remembering the good times. Like all of the best punk rock songs there are plenty of "whoa-ohs" throughout the song and a nice breakdown before the final chorus. The second track on the EP is Stormy Nights. From the very start I know I love this song. With just some guitars and the gruff vocals lead singer Larry sets out the story of the song with the lyrics "Remember How We Used To Chase, Chase The Lightning Like Secret Assignments Using Thunder To Mask Our Escape" before the song really gets going and we are treated to a fantastic song about chasing lightning storms. Everything about the track is done with a lot of intensity and it really grips the listener. Up next is a song named Knocks And Tears, which is a song about being there for your friends. Being a shoulder to cry on when times are tough. There is a maturity about the song, similar in style to Manchester's Stay Clean Jolene. There is plenty of passion in the vocals but they never sound like they are being pushed to their limits. After a bit of a breakdown the song it set up for a big finish with some whoa-oh harmonies thrown in by the rest of the band. The lyrics "my friends are my heroes" really stood out and is how I see a lot of my dearest friends. The fourth song Lately is about realising you're not happy with where you are in life and wanting to move on. The song starts out slowly with some distorted guitars before the gruff vocals kick in. There is quite a sombre feel to the song and Larry sings with some real emotion and pulls at the heartstrings. The last song on Scared Of Everything is titled Deservers. It's a song about taking what you think is yours to make yourself a better person while you still have the chance. I particularly enjoyed the breakdown again with some more whoa-oh, they give the song an anthemic feel before the last big chorus.

Scared Of Everything is a mature punk rock EP with songs about friendship and growing up. The production is rough and raw which suits this style of punk perfectly. It's a great release and it's for a great cause so go get yourself a copy!

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