Thursday, 21 January 2016

Top Tens: Martyn Hodder of Dynamite Dynamite's Top Ten Punk Rock Influences

Martyn Hodder of Dynamite Dynamite gives us his top ten punk rock influences.

Stray Cats:
They’re basically all I listened to between the ages of zero and 10. My dad’s favourite band. They were my musical introduction to everything ever. Year zero.
Noel Gallagher:
Fucked up choice yeah? Oasis were the first band I got into off of my own merit. Probably the first time I heard a huge distorted guitar sound. And Noel Gallagher sure can write a good tune.
The Offspring:
The first time I'd ever knowingly heard a punk rock band was when my mate in year 7 gave me a mixtape with Pretty Fly (For A White Guy) on. I bought myself Americana and got totally hooked. I lost myself in their back catalogue for a good year.
Green Day:
Green Day passed me by for the first year or two after hearing of them. But hearing Insomniac made me a lifer. My first band (read me and a bass playing friend in his living room) basically ripped off everything on 39/Smooth and changed a few words around. But it was ours! The first day I got an electric guitar (xmas day, Titanic was on!) I taught myself Minority front to back.
They're the Descendents. If you know, you know.
Tim Armstrong:
Operation Ivy and Rancid taught me everything I ever wanted to know about ska. My first real bands were all ska. Punk was always more than one genre of music to me. It was whatever the fuck you wanted to do and fuck whoever told you not to.
The Living End:
They were MY Stray Cats. They had the look, the stand up bass, the ability to impress my dad, and I could claim them as my own. I introduced HIM to them and he loved them. They were everything I grew up hearing but louder and more urgent.
Hot Water Music:
I used to hate gravelly-voiced 'shouty' punk bands. HWM changed it all. I could sing along to Paper Thin for hours and realise your voice doesn't have to be perfect, it just has to mean something when the words come out.

Dave Hause:
I fell out of love with punk rock for a few years in my early twenties. Dillinger Four pulled me back in, The Loved Ones kept me anchored. Dave's solo stuff taught me more about melody than I could ever hope to keep in my head.
My dad influenced and started my path to everything I have ever loved in music. He taught me my first ham-fisted chords, he played me music and melody from being a baby and always taught me to like what you like and never be ashamed of it, forever proud, because in the end it's what makes you whole.

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