Monday, 25 January 2016

Album Review: Some Things Never Change by Airport Novels

Airport Novels are a four-piece pop punk band from Kansas City. On New Year's Day they released a brand new EP named Some Things Never Change, which features four songs of fast-paced, in your face pop punk with catchy choruses and bouncy bridges.

The opening track Ties starts with some fun sing-a-long lyrics that would get a live crowd going immediately. The song then picks up some pace during the verse, which adds a bit of punk rock urgency before the catchy chorus. Second song Uprooted is the one that really stood out to me on my first listen of the EP. Musically the song starts slowly with a down-tempo build before the song jumps into life. The song is about feeling most at home whilst being on tour with your friends. I really enjoyed the storytelling feeling that comes out of the song. The third song is called Seasons Change and is about learning to do things your own way despite it being perceived as being the wrong way. Drummer Kyle's relentless pounding really stood out on this song along with some great melodies from the guitars. The beginning of the final song October feels like it could have come straight from an American Pie film. It's sunny sounding pop punk at its finest. It also really makes me want to bounce. I love the tempo of the vocals on the song which do a fantastic job with carrying the melody. 

There's a lot of great pop punk emerging from all over the world. Airport Novels are a fun new band who do exactly what they set out to do - make you sing and dance.  You can't ask for more than that!

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